🎁Story Pack 13 「SONG Of SNOW」 PV​ Sharing Event🎁

Hello, this is Brown Dust 2.

Story Pack 13 「SONG Of SNOW」 PV​ has been released.

Share the PV and be the one to receive 💎1,000 Dias💎!

▶Go to Story Pack 13 「SONG Of SNOW」 PV​

▶ Join PV Sharing Event

✔ Event period
- May 8th - May 14th, 2:59 p.m (UTC)

✔ How to participate

1) Share the PV uploaded on the BrownDust2 official Social Media on your Social Media (Twitter(X), Facebook, Instagram, blog, etc.) with #BrownDust2 #mobilegame hashtags.

2) Verify that you have shared the screenshot through the Google Form survey.

✔ ️ Reward
- 1,000 Dias / 20 people

✔ Winner Announcement
- May 17, 2023

Thank you.


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