๐Ÿ””4-Panel Manga Fill in the Speech Balloon Event Result

Thank you all for participating the event.
For those who have participated in the event, participation reward has been distributed to your Mailbox.
Please check your Draw Ticket in your mailbox upon reconnection and claim them within 30 days.

And we have chosen 5 best speech bubbles and made the manga for you!
Please claim your reward from your Mailbox.



โ–  Reward:
- Participation reward: 1 Draw Ticket (all participants)
- Best speech bubble reward: 10 Draw Tickets (total of 5 people)
1. Izu**kam*
2. Guest_8*3*7*9
3. A**elica**olC**tume*LS
4. To*hao
5. Vo*a

* Please note that for those who have submitted the survey without writing anything have been eliminated and will not be able to receive reward.

Thank you.


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