🔔A Surprise Gift🎁 from OOO

Hello, this is Brown Dust 2.

It is April Fool’s Day today!
In commemoration of April Fool's Day, OOO has prepared a 🎁 gift for you!
Please guess the name of OOO!

1. Scheherazade
2. Seir
3. Justia
4. Rou
5. Jayden

■ Reward: Please check your mailbox after entering the coupon!

[How to use a coupon]
1. Android: Enter the coupon code through in-game [Home] > [ETC] > [Register Coupon]
2. iOS: Enter the coupon code through Coupon Page
- Coupon Page: https://redeem.bd2.pmang.cloud/bd2/index.html?lang=en-EN

■ Notice
- Coupon rewards will be given to the entered nickname, so please enter the correct nickname.
- Uppercase and lowercase do not matter
- Event rewards will be sent to your mailbox.
- If you do not see the reward in your mailbox, please relaunch the game and check.

Thank you.


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