🔔Potential Strategy Event🔔

Hello. This is Brown Dust 2.

The potential of Rou / Teresse / Celia / Diana / Glacia / Granhildr / Samay / Emma has been updated and we have prepared a strategy event.

Please share your strategy regarding the potential of the characters above!
Among those who participated, we will select the best strategy and reward you through a draw🎁

1. Potential Strategy Event
■ Event period: March 14, 2024 – March 24, 2024 2:59 PM
■ How to participate: On a [Potential Strategy] forum, write a strategy about the potential of the characters applied on March 14th.
■ Join Discord Server: https://discord.com/invite/qMbpbvWwja

[Included Characters]
- All characters with potential applied to date, including Rou / Teresse / Celia / Diana / Glacia / Granhildr / Samay / Emma

[Participation example]
- Among the updated potentials, the top priority is OO and OOO costume.
- Let’s learn about OOO, which has become more usable as its potential has been unlocked. etc.

■ Rewards
- 🏆Excellent strategy: 10 Draw Tickets / 5 people
- 🍀Lucky Strategy: 5 Draw Tickets / 5 people

■ Winner Announcement
March 27, 2024

※ Notice

- You can participate in this event only once per account.
- If you post on a forum other than the ⁠event forum, you will be excluded from winning.
- If you post content unrelated to event participation, your post may be deleted.
- If it is confirmed that you have stolen someone else's strategy, you may be excluded from winning, or the compensation given may be withdrawn.
- If you create or edit a post after the end of the event, you may be excluded from winning.
- If the game nickname is changed before the reward is distributed, the reward may not be given.
- Event content and period may change depending on internal circumstances.


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