🔔Thank you for joining us for Brown Dust 2’s 1st Anniversary Event

Hello. This is BrownDust2.

It's already been a year since we've been together. Time passed so quickly, didn’t it?
It feels like yesterday when I took my first step into Brown Dust 2.
It feels amazing that it's already been one year.

Even as I write this, many moments with you all come to mind.
So many memories!

The excitement we felt when we first met you, and the countless stories we shared together.
All those moments remain as beautiful memories.
Our memories are so precious and grateful to us.

I received so much love and encouragement over the course of a year.
It may be a bit cliché, but we will do our best to make Brown Dust 2 more enjoyable and live up to your expectations.
We hope you can fully enjoy the 1st anniversary update we worked hard to prepare.

Lastly, I am truly happy to be with you all, and most of all, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to you.
Thank you very much for being with us.

P.S. To celebrate the 1st anniversary of Brown Dust 2, we are releasing a congratulatory illustration made with cute SD characters.


We have prepared a surprise event to commemorate the 1st anniversary!
Please share the event post on our official community!
Among those who participate, we will draw 3 people and give them an acrylic stand as a gift🎁.

Additionally, to celebrate the 1st anniversary, we have prepared a login event so you can receive a gift.

Please see below for details!

<Event 1. 1st Anniversary Surprise Login Event>

✔️Event period
- June 22, 2024 - June 24, 2024 2:59 PM (UTC)

✔️ How to participate
- If you log in to the game during the event period, you will receive a surprise login gift to commemorate the 1st anniversary.

- 10 Draw Tickets + 1,000 Dias

<Event 2. Please share the news of Brown Dust 2’s 1st anniversary!>

✔️Event period
- June 22, 2024 - July 4, 2024 2:59 PM (UTC)

✔️ How to participate
- Follow Brown Dust 2 Official X (Twitter)
- RP (repost) 1st anniversary news sharing event post!

✔️ Lottery gift
- Brown Dust 2 official acrylic stand (random) x1 (3 people)

✔️ Announcement of winners
- July 5, 2024 (UTC)

※ We will send you the information form required to send the gift via X's message.

<Event 3. Additional Event!>

When the event post is shared more than 1,000 times, 300 Dias will be given to all users.

✔️ Achievement gift
- 300 Dias

✔️Distribution time
- After the winner announcement on July 5, 2024 - July 11 2:59 p.m. (UTC)

※ If the reward conditions are met and you log into the game during the above period, you will receive a gift to your Mailbox.

- Event contents may change depending on internal circumstances.

We will continue to work hard so that you can have a good time with Brown Dust 2.
We ask for your interest and support.

Thank you.


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