Advance notice on change in age rating for game use

Hello, this is Brown Dust 2.

Brown Dust 2 has been reclassified as unavailable to teenagers at the Korean Game Management Committee's rating meeting, and the game's age rating will be raised from '12+ years old' to '17+ years old'.

It is inevitable that the Apple App Store's age rating adjustment for games must be applied simultaneously to all regions, and we ask for your understanding as this is to continue to provide existing services and content in a stable manner.

The date and time of the age grade increase will be announced through a notice based on future confirmation.

[Notice of increase in Brown Dust 2 app age rating]
1. Application schedule: Scheduled to be announced through notice upon confirmation
2. Applicable details: The age rating of the Brown Dust 2 app in the Apple App Store will be raised from '12+ years old' to '17+ years old'.
* Applied to all regions at once

※ Notice
- Adult verification is required for each store to continue using the service.
- To prevent loss of your game account, we recommend that you use it after linking your account with each store login.
Please note that if there are any decisions or changes to the above guidance, we will notify you through additional notice.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the change in age rating.
We will strive to provide better content and create a smooth service environment.

Thank you.


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