Banned Users Information (August 2nd, 2023)

Our long awaited second story.
High-end 2D graphic RPG, BrownDust2.

To create a more pleasant and healthy gaming environment,
We would like to inform you that we are taking sanctions against accounts that use unauthorized programs such as hacks and mods.

By August 2nd (KST), sanctions have been taken on accounts that have been found to have abnormal play history due to the use of unauthorized programs, so please refer to the image.

![제재 유저 영어.png](

Through continuous monitoring and security activities, we will check on the matter more carefully so that normal players don’t suffer from the abnormal activities.

In addition, we will take strong measures against players who exploit the game with abnormal activity in accordance with the Terms of Use.
We kindly ask for your active participation in creating a healthy game environment for all users of BrownDust2.

Thank you.


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