Brown Dust 2 Half Anniversary Special Page Update Notice

Hello, this is Brown Dust 2.

The following content has been updated on the special page prepared to commemorate Half Anniversary, so check it out now!

▶Go to Brown Dust 2 Half Anniversary special page

1) Calendar
You can check the events and reward information prepared to commemorate the Half Anniversary.

2) Update roadmap
You can check out the updates prepared to commemorate Half Anniversary.
We also have coupons prepared by Celia, so don’t miss them!

3) Character popularity vote

Brown Dust 2's character popularity vote begins!

We will be making costumes for the character ranked first in the popularity vote and distributing them to all users during the 1st anniversary, so please participate in the popularity vote that takes place every day!

✔️Voting period
December 19, 2023 (Tuesday) - December 31, 2023 (Sunday) 2:59 PM (UTC)

Vote up to 3 votes per day for your favorite character on the popularity vote page!
You can vote all three for the same character.

※ Vote availability is renewed every day at 9 am. (KST)
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We will strive to quickly fix this issue.
※ Please refer to the information below on how to block iOS pop-ups so that you can log in to Google in the Safari app.

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Thank you.


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