BrownDust2 Improvements Notice

Hello. I am the Producer of BrownDust2, Jun-hee Lee.

Prior to the announcement, we sincerely apologize for not being able to provide a stable gameplay environment at the beginning of the launch.
We were not able to give feedback right away due to the preparation of the exact improvement date and change plan so we ask for your understanding.

We will now tell you about our future improvement plans.


1. Server normalization and build stability (at all times)
We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused by insufficient preparation and not being well prepared for a situation where there may be a lot of traffic immediately after the game is opened.
On June 23, the server was expanded and structural supplementation was carried out through a temporary maintenance.

Currently, all relevant departments, including the development team, are continuously monitoring the server environment carefully, and in addition to server issues, we are trying to fix bugs and optimization issues.

Providing a stable play environment is the most basic thing, so we will continue to fix this issue first.

2. Draw Points and Powder of Hope Shop Improvements (July 6th update)
The following improvements will be made to make unused Draw Points more useful.

When the draw point exchange period ends, the remaining draw points will be automatically converted 1:1 into Powder of Hope.
You can purchase various growth items and AP with Powder of Hope in the shop.

■ ‘★5 Costume’ item added to the Powder of Hope Shop
In the future, you can purchase a ‘★5 Costume’ at the Powder of Hope shop.
200 Powder of Hope → 1 ★5 Costume

The ★5 Costume provided by the Powder of Hope Shop may vary depending on the season.
During the sales period, each costume can be purchased once.
The items and its price of Powder of Hope Shop currently on sale will also be improved.

■ Added Real-time draw point < > Powder of Hope exchange system
A function to convert draw points into Powder of Hope will be added.
When the pickup period ends, it is automatically converted into Powder of Hope as before, but you can purchase products in the Powder of Hope Shop by converting the desired quantity in real time even before the end of the pickup period.

Details will be announced in the July update notice.

3. Expansion of Diamond acquisition locations (July 6th update)
Rewards will be changed so that you can earn a diamond in the daily and weekly mission rewards.

Daily Mission Reward: 60 DIA Rewards
Weekly Mission Reward: 1 Draw Ticket → 200 Diamonds

In addition to that, we are preparing various events so that you can have more opportunities to draw more costumes.
We will inform you of the details in the July update notice.

4. Exclusive equipment option change system (August update)
We would like to express our deep apologies to the users who were disappointed by the lack of complementary measures when the gears became unwanted gears because of random option results.

We will add the ability to change the gear’s main option and the 3 options granted during enhancement to other options.
Changes in options will be made possible with currencies that can be acquired through in-game play.

We will inform you of the details in the future update notice.

The exclusive gear option change system is being prepared with the goal of updating in August.
We are planning to give compensation stated below for those who have used exclusive gear pick-ups from the launch.

An item that allows you to change the exclusive gear option once per 50 times of using the Exclusive Gear Pick-up Draw (including the number of free draws).

When to be distributed: When the Exclusive Gear option change system is updated.

5. Other improvement and update plans (July 6th update)
1) Adding the ability to exit during battle.
2) The voice will not cut off when auto-playing the story.
3) The button UI position will be improved so that you can click the skip dialogue button at once while progressing the story.
4) Adding 60 frames option.
5) If you meet the conditions of the number of Draw tickets and the number of diamonds you have, you can draw 10 times immediately.
(Automatic charging of the Draw Ticket with a diamond will be done for the amount of draw ticket that is insufficient based on 10 times)
6) When you run the game, you will automatically enter the last pack you entered.
7) If you are stuck in the unmovable area of the field, you will be automatically moved to a nearby inn.
8) The voice tone of the Korean voice actor in the tutorial pack will be changed.

6. Future improvement plan (after August)
1) Convenience
We are planning various convenience improvements such as background repeat battles, auto-growth, field formation saving, etc. for more pleasant gameplay environment.

In addition, we plan to improve all of the things that many users gave opinions about, such as the inconvenience caused by the temporary companion character changing the formation, the decoration of the lobby, and the addition of character details.

We will inform you of the update schedule and details of improvement in the future.

2) Skill cut scene
We will also add skill cut scenes for characters without cut scenes and improve spine animations.
We will continue to update and continue to improve the quality.

This is the end of the improvement plan we wanted to deliver today.

During the January Beta Test, we listened to the voices of many users and BrownDust2 was able to develop in a better direction.

We realized once again that game service is created together by the dev team and our users.

We will continue to develop BrownDust2 in a better direction by gathering various opinions sent from all over the world.

Thank you to all users who have been enjoying BrownDust2 since the grand launch.
We will continue to make efforts to provide you with enjoyable contents.

Thank you.


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