Evil Castle Tower of Pride Official Season 6 Notice

Hello. This is BrownDust2.

We would like to inform you about the sixth official season of the Evil Castle Tower of Pride.

■ Evil Castle Tower of Pride Official Season 6

- It can be entered after clearing Story Pack 4
- Go up the Evil Castle and participate in the rankings with the other captains.
- Rankings will be tallied at the end of the season, and you will not be able to participate in competitions during the tallying period.

■ Season period
Season 6 period: After Nov. 8th maintenance – Nov. 22nd 2:59 pm (UTC)

※ Clear scores for Evil Castle official seasons 5 and 6 will be reset at the start of season 7.
※ You cannot receive the clear reward after the season has elapsed, so please receive the reward quickly before the season ranking calculation begins.

Thank you.


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