Feb. 15th (UTC) Known Issue Notice

Hello. This is BrownDust2.

We are here to inform you about the issue found on Feb. 15th (UTC).
Please refer to the information below.

[Known Issue]
- Forced termination when selecting Collection > Character > Bonding Ability
* With the update on February 15th (Thursday), we will ensure that this issue is quickly corrected as it only occurs to characters with applied potential.

- An intermittent forced termination issue during battles with certain monsters in the Magic Crystal Cave of Fire.

- An issue where Evil Castle - Tower of Pride Official Season 11 and 12 records are not reset.
* The clear scores accumulated during the official seasons 11 and 12 of Tower of Pride will be reset through maintenance on February 28 (UTC).

- Maid Impossible – Intermittent freezing while playing event battles

- An issue where Korean language is exposed in new packages in a multilingual environment

We will strive to quickly fix identified issues.

Thank you.


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