Fiend Hunter Experience Season 1 Notice

Hello. This is BrownDust2.

Here is the information on the Fiend Hunter Experience Season 1.

■ Event period: After September 20th maintenance – Before October 18th maintenance (UTC)

**■ Fiend Hunter Experience Season Rules**
- Fiend Hunter has a 3-week hunting preparation period and a 1-week hunting period.
- During the preparation period for the hunt, analyze the weaknesses of the giant fiend, make a strategy, and engage in unlimited battles for one week to challenge higher level fiend.
- Fiend Hunter takes place in one of the entire packs every four weeks, and the first season takes place in Character Pack 1.
- Proceed with unlimited battles and defeat higher level fiend.
- The ranking is determined by the highest level and remaining HP of the giant fiend reached during the one-week hunting period.
- Rankings are calculated at the end of the hunting period, and you cannot participate in the hunt during the ranking calculation period.

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