GM Lisianne’s Letter – Convenience Improvements

GM Lisianne’s Letter - Convenience Improvements

Long time no see, I'm GM Lisianne.

It's been almost a month since we’ve met last July.
In the meantime, I've been looking at all the opinions you’ve sent me after the update.

I wanted to respond to various contents, systems, UI/UX, and balance improvements as soon as possible.
However, rather than giving vague answers such as “It’s to be improved” or “We are reviewing on the matter”,
I wanted to tell you more specific improvements and schedules.
That’s why it took some time to meet you all again.

In the Developer Notes, we have talked about contents and systematic improvements.
Today, I’m going to talk about the improvements on the UI/UX that many people have commented about.

We are preparing hard with the goal of applying the improvements to the August 30th (UTC) update.

Now, I will introduce you on the improvements one by one.

**1. Bag Sorting Function**

There is currently no detailed Sorting function in the bag.
You must have experienced a lot of inconvenience in finding the items.

Now, a sorting function has been added for each category so that you can conveniently look for the items in your bag.

Consumables, gears, and costumes can be sorted in order of acquisition, highest grade, etc.

We are trying to figure out how to use the sort function more conveniently.
There may be additions/modifications to the sorting options, so please check out the patch notes to be registered in the future for details!

**2. Talent Skill Pin Function**

You talked a lot about the inconvenience of having to scroll every time you use a talent skill.
Now, the ability to pin frequently used talent skills to the top will be added!

Up to 5 talent skills can be pinned, and we hope that this can contribute positively on your gameplay.

**3. Talent Skill Animation Skip Function**

There were many opinions that the animation of talent skills displayed during alchemy, gear crafting, etc. was cute.
However, there were also many opinions asking for the talent skill animation skip function due to the inconvenience of repeating the same function multiple times.

Now, the ability to skip talent skill animation for alchemy and gear crafting will be added.
Scheherazade and Layla, who have been paddling and pounding, can now rest their arms a little!

**4. Mirror War UI Improvement**

It must have been inconvenient because there was no information about the starting SP and SP recovery policy per turn when attacking/defending in the Mirror Wars.

Now, before the start of the Mirror War battle, when forming an offensive/defensive formation, a guide on how much starting SP is given for each formation will be added.

In addition, you can check the score increase or decrease for each rank from the combat victory reward / combat loss reward UI by tapping the NPCs in the safe zone.

When you first enter the season reward UI, the champion rank is displayed first, and it was inconvenient to scroll to find your rank.
By changing the exposure method, a function that highlights on the rank you are currently in so that you can immediately check your rank immediately.

Also, the UI will be improved so that you can use the repeat battle function smoothly.

**5. Evil Castle UI Improvement**

The Evil Castle battle UI will be improved.

A button to check monster information before entering the will be added.
Now, you can check the challenges, combat power, enemy placement, and monster skill information before entering the Evil Castle!

An automatic progression function within the battle area of the Evil Castle will also be added.

During auto-progress, you can automatically move towards the monsters and fight.

However, we also inform you that you have to check the end of the battle screen manually.

When you want to try again or quit during Evil Castle progress, you can use the return or reset function by clicking the quest UI,
It is said that the return and reset buttons will be improved so that they are displayed directly on the Evil Castle HUD.

For convenience, when retrying the Evil Castle, you can proceed with it with the list of characters and character's HP initialized to the state of the first entry.

**6. Adjustment of some UI font Sizes**

In the meantime, you have also given many opinions that some UI have small font sizes, making it difficult to check.

The font size of some text, such as skill information, skill enhancement information, and ability values, will become larger.
In the future, the font size of the new UIs will be made larger than the current one so that information can be checked more easily.
Also, we will continue to modify the existing UI font size as well.

In addition to this, we are checking various improvements such as breaking the 100-crafting limit.

I will continue to collect the inconveniences related to the gameplay and discuss them with the development team and share the progress!

That's all for the convenience improvements that will be updated soon.

The September update that many people are curious about will be guided through the Developer's Notes next week, so please look forward to it.

Before I finish the letter, we have prepared the following gifts to express our gratitude to the users who cherish BrownDust2.

We ask for your continuous interest and support, and please send us lots of affectionate opinions.

**[Lisianne’s Gift]**

- Schedule: August 18, 2023 (Thu) 9:45 AM - August 21 (Mon) 2:59 PM (UTC)
- Gift Details: 2 Draw Tickets, 100,000 Gold

I'll come back with more stories in the future.

Thank you for your time reading my letter!


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