GM Lisianne’s Letter – Regarding the phenomenon that occurred after the July 20th update

Hello! I'm GM Lisianne.

Today, I am writing a letter with feeling of apology due to the inconvenience that occurred after the update.

We apologize for all the errors that occurred after the update to our players.

Among them, there is something I would like to explain more in detail.
I will try to deliver it quickly to you.

We also have prepared various gifts to express our apology, so please read Lisianne’s letter and get gifts!

1. About Talent Skill [Steal] rewards

I believe that many players felt discomfort mostly on the Talent Skill [Steal] update.

By adjusting the Talent Skill [Steal] reward logic, we hoped that you can get more rewards more comfortably than before and we wanted to reduce fatigue while enjoying the fun of [Steal].

However, due to the mistake in the setting process and inspection process, the update was released without the adjusted amount of [Steal] rewards being properly reflected.

We sincerely apologize for this matter.
The settings that were disclosed incorrectly will be fixed tomorrow at 4:50 AM (KST) through a patch.

We are planning to revise the amount of rewards according to the original purpose of the update.

Also, as we announced, we would like to provide you with additional items that you should have obtained through using the talent skill [Steal] today.

Also, here is the information on the NPCs that you can use the talent skill [Steal].

[Location of NPCs in which talent skill [Steal] can be used]
* NPCs are located only in Story Pack.

Pack 1
Bored Hoarder
Curious Young Man

Pack 2
Daref Loan Shark

Pack 3
Brwynn Shop Owner
Carefree Mercenary

Pack 4
Wind-Loving Young Man
Pub Customer

Pack 5
Silk Road Merchant
Young Man in Love

Pack 6
Warehouse Golem
Magic Tower Apprentice Mage

Pack 7
Leisurely Ferryman

Pack 8
Rodev Tax Officer

2. Regarding Evil Castle ranking abusing and some accounts that haven’t received the ranking rewards

A. About Evil Castle ranking abusing

In the past few days, we have imposed sanctions on abusing plays that used manipulation of the network state in relation to the Evil Castle ranking.

Due to the layout structure of maps, traps, and monsters on the 2nd and 3rd floors, it is impossible to get a full score for Time Attack. However, abusing users received a perfect score for Time Attack by manipulating the network state and we have also banned users who received a full score in the overall score.

However, in the case of the first floor, the probability is low, but since it is structurally possible to get a perfect score. It is important to sanction abusive play, but since the efforts of good users could be damaged, we did not carry out separate sanctions in the case of the first floor.

As of today, time has been excluded from the calculation of the Evil Castle Ranking score, as mentioned in the developer notes to avoid controversy.

When we plan similar contents in the future, we will establish a standard that can be evaluated fairly, and we will make sure that normal users would not be harmed by abusive play.

B. About some accounts that haven’t received the ranking rewards

Among the records of playing the Evil Castle last season, there was an issue in which the record of playing the Evil Castle from Sunday 00:00 am to 19:00 pm (about 19 hours) (KST) was not reflected in the ranking.

If you played again after that time and updated your ranking with a better record, you received your reward properly, but if you played during that time slot on Sunday and did not play more, you may not have received your reward, or you may have received less than you should have received.

We will be checked on the play records and the ranking standard score on these accounts and we will provide you additional rewards that you should have received.

We apologize to users who may have experienced inconveniences because the ranking rewards for the Evil Castle were not properly distributed.

We'll make sure to compensate you quickly.

3. Regarding products with the same name on the Powder of Hope shop

The product names of the “B-rank Idol Eleaneer” and “B-rank Idol Helena” costumes, which are costume products from the Powder of Hope Shop are both displayed as “B-Rank Idol” and we are sorry for the confusion.

We will fix on this issue as soon as possible.
Before the fixation, I will let you know which is which so that you can refer to it when purchasing products.

First product from the left in row 1: “B-rank Idol Eleaneer”
Second product from the left in row 1: “B-rank Idol Helena”

After fixation, the character name will also be displayed in the shop along with the costume name.
We'll make sure to not give you the same inconvenience in the future.

4. Regarding the phenomenon of entering the Welcome Pack when you log in for the first time after this update

With this update, work has been done to improve server processing speed and during the operation, the record of the last access pack was reset.

So, when you log in for the first time after the update, you will be connected with the Welcome Pack.

You may have been surprised and a little anxious about being connected to the Welcome Pack, but it’s just the access record that has been initialized so don’t worry.

We will try to notify you in advance if this happens next time.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this.

5. About the disappearance of the Newbie Pass

Through this update, for those who have completed all of the Newbie pass, the Newbie Pass banner UI will no longer be exposed.

However, it has been confirmed that the Newbie Pass banner disappeared even though there were missions and rewards that had not yet been accomplished.

This issue is scheduled to be fixed through a hotfix along with improving the display of the Powder of Hope shop product name mentioned above.

This issue is only that the Newbie Pass banner is not visible, but there is no problem in actually progressing with the mission and receiving rewards, so if you complete the Newbies Pass mission while playing, you can check the Newbie Pass banner again and receive rewards.

However, you must feel uncomfortable because you can't see the Newbie Pass mission.
Therefore, I will tell you the daily Newbie Pass mission and reward information!
Please refer to the information below.

![뉴비패스 미션 표.png](
![뉴비패스 레벨 보상.png](
![요리제작상자 보상.png](
![장비제작상자 보상.png](

(Wrapping up)
A lot of people have been looking forward to today's update.
There were some positive comments on the update, but we are sorry for giving you disappointments due to the talent skill [Steal] wrong reward settings, the product name of the Powder of Hope shop, and the disappearance of the Newbie Pass banner.

Still, we believe that the reason why you give us various opinions is because you have affection for BrownDust2.

We will keep trying hard to repay you for your love you have given us.

So I, Lisianne, have prepared special gifts for all of you!
I'd be very happy if our sincere gifts could touch your heart!

[Lisianne’s Gift]
- Schedule: July 20, 2023 (Thu) 6:00 p.m. to July 24, 2023 (Mon) 11:59pm (Korean Server time)
- Gifts:
1. Free Dia x2,000
2. Gold x300,000
3. Cooked Rice x80
4. Ability Pill x500
5. Gear Material Chest x10
* You can obtain random 50 of Iron ore, Peat, Plain fabric, Plain leather, Hardwood from the Gear Material Chest.

By the way, this gift is a separate gift from the talent skill [Steal] rewards mentioned above.
Talent skill [Steal] rewards will be given out during the maintenance tomorrow!

In addition, the development and operation teams are preparing various events and updates for August.

We will do our best to prepare for the next update so we ask for your continuous support!

Thank you so much for your love towards BrownDust2!


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