GM Lisianne’s Third Letter – About Recent Changes

Hello, BrownDust2 users!
This is GM Lisianne!

Various changes were applied through this week's update.
We are carefully checking all the opinions you've sent us about the update.

We were disappointed to ourselves because the thoughts and intentions of the development and operation teams were not shared well with users.

Today, we would like to apologize for this, and I am writing this letter to take time to explain more about the recent changes.

In particular, I will do my best to inform you of the new compensation policies, products, and various changes!

**[1. PvP & PvE compensation policy]**
The development team and the operation team thought that in order for our users to enjoy the strategic fun of the BrownDust2 Battles in various ways,
We thought it was necessary to control the stress caused by rewards.

Therefore, along with the transition to the official season, we adjusted the type and number of rewards for each content.

We thought, "Let's increase the participation rewards rather than ranking rewards, so that people can obtain the items and rewards just by participating."

We are closely examining both the positive and negative opinions of this change.

In particular, I will tell you a little more about the two things below.

**A. Ranking Rewards**
Overall, many people gave positive evaluations for reducing the gap between the top and bottom ranks.
However, there were also many opinions that the merits of the changed rewards were insufficient.

Currently, we are considering adding Medal of the Fighting Spirit and honor-related rewards as season settlement rewards for the Mirror Wars.
We are also considering additional distribution such as Draw Tickets and Diamonds for the new contents we are preparing.
As mentioned above, we will prepare a good plan so that you can receive a certain level of compensation just by participating, and we will do our best to share the results as soon as possible!

**B. Regarding Prices of Medal of the Fighting Spirit Shop**
A guaranteed costume product was added to the Medal of the Fighting Spirit Shop to encourage users to participate in PvP content.

Although many people gave positive opinions about the addition of the product itself, there were also many people who said that the price was a bit high and that they are thinking of purchasing the ★4 Rank-up Star instead.

The costume price was set in this way by thinking that Medal of the Fighting Spirit Shop would become easy to obtain when the Mirror War battle skip function is added on September 20th.
Also, we set the price in that way since the costume is a guaranteed costume.

However, considering the fact that it is still hard to obtain the Medal of the Fighting Spirit, 18,000 Medal may be a burden for the players. Since Skip button has not been added yet and the ★4 Rank-up Star is also hard to obtain, It's right for you to feel pressure.
We are truly sorry for not taking this into consideration in advance.

We expect that the burden of obtaining rewards will be improved through the application of the skip function, support of Blood Cocktail through events, and diversification of the ★4 Rank-up Star acquisition routes.
However, until before the skip function is applied, we would like to provide Medal of the Fighting Spirit as shown below!

**[2. Medal of the Fighting Spirit Support]**
Until before the Mirror War skip function is added on September 20th (UTC),
You can receive Medal of the Fighting Spirit by logging in every day during the period stated below!

**[Medal of the Fighting Spirit Support Event]**
- Event Period: September 1st ~ September 20th (UTC) (every day for 20 days)
- Gift: Medal of the Fighting Spirit x 200

In addition, in line with the PvP and PvE content reward concept mentioned earlier,
We are looking for ways to make strategic battles more fun and reduce the burden of compensation.
We will find ways to give you a better experience!

**[3. Regarding costumes in the Powder of Hope Shop]**

**A. Regarding Prior Notice on Costumes in the Powder of Hope Shop**
Users have expressed their disappointment with the fact that there was no prior notice about the limited-time costume, ‘Pool Party Justia’ and ‘Pool Party Scheherazade' costumes being offered at the Powder of Hope shop.

In the future, along with the announcement of the new pick-up costume, we will also announce the Powder of Hope shop sales schedule so that users can plan on which items to buy at the Powder of Hope shop and plan on which [Draw] to proceed.

On behalf of the development and operation teams, I would like to apologize to users who have experienced inconvenience due to the lack of prior notice.

**B. Regarding Costumes to be added in the Powder of Hope Shop**
we would also like to inform you of the future plans of providing costumes in the Powder of Hope Shop.

Until there is a separate policy change in the future, a total of 3 to 4 types of costumes will continue to be available at the Powder of Hope Shop.
These 3-4 types include the pickup costumes that were carried out in the pickup banner right before the update and up to 0 to 2 non-pickup costumes may be included.

From now on, we will also announce the Costumes to be added in the Powder of Hope Shop when we announce the pick-up banner so that you can play the game with plans.

We've organized the costumes for each shop that will be updated on September 13th (UTC) below, so please refer to it!

![2023-09-01 14 19 33.png](

That's all I wanted to tell you in today's letter.
Thank you so much for reading my letter!
I have prepared a gift to repay your support again, so please check it out in the game!

**[Lisianne’s Gift]**
- Schedule: September 1st - September 4th 2:59 pm (UTC)
- Gift Details:
2 Draw Tickets
100,000 Gold
1,000 Medal of the Fighting Spirit

Thank you!


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