July 21st Known Issue Notice (Edited July 21)

Our long awaited second story.
High-end 2D graphic RPG, BrownDust2.

We are here to inform you about the issues found on July 21 (KST)

Please refer to the information below.

[July 21st Known Issue]
- An issue in which only one item is displayed in the list of acquired items on the left after using the talent skill [Steal].
* you can acquire multiple items with a probability through using the talent skill [Steal] within the target NPC's belongings list, but only one item is marked as acquired.

The displayed list of [Steal] rewards acquired will be fixed through a new app update (app hotfix).

We are also preparing to fix the issue in which the Newbie Pass banner is not displayed if there are no rewards to receive on the Newbie Pass and to change the product name of the Powder of Hope shop through the same app hotfix.

Please note that the new app update schedule will be announced through a separate notice.

In relation to this, we would like to inform you once again about the number of items that can be obtained through using the talent skill [Steal] on the same NPC.

- Additional information on the phenomenon in which the number of rewards obtained through [Steal] talent skill from the same NPC is different even if characters of the same talent level.

* You can acquire different types of items randomly from 5 to 12 times from designated NPCs for each stealing attempt. Therefore, even if characters with the same talent level try to steal from the same NPC, the quantity of items obtained may be different.

![EN 21일 확인된 이슈 공지 표.png](https://www.browndust2.com/uploads/EN_21_45d3d669cf.png)

An issue in which Mirror War rewards are distributed differently from what was displayed. (Added on July 21)
- After the temporary maintenance on July 10 and before the routine maintenance on July 20, the compensation amount was displayed low. (After the July 3rd season reset, level rewards were marked properly until July 9)
- Currently, the proper quantity is indicated, and the Mirror War compensation is distributed in proper quantity. We are sorry for the confusion.

We apologize for the inconvenience.
We will do our best to fix the issue quickly.

Thank you.


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