Let’s Take Roll Event

Hello. This is BrownDust2.
The season filled with the scent of spring is approaching!
Are you ready for a new beginning together?
How about take roll and go on a new adventure?
Then, we can meet new friends and have fun together.
Let’s write our adventures together!
[Let's Take Roll Event]
■ Event period: Mar 21st ~ Mar 27th, 2024 02:59 p.m.
■ How to participate
1. Please visit our official Discord.
2. On the [Let's Take Roll Event] Forum, Leave an attendance check post!
3. Please leave your In-game name in the title.
■ Title: GM Emma
■ Post content: I'm here!
4. Leave the comment everyday to your post.
- You do not need to write a post everyday, once you make a post, just comment to your post.
■ Reward: Draw Ticket x1 per attendance check (Max. 7)
■ Distribution Schedule: Mar 29th
※ Caution
- If the in-game name is changed before the reward is distributed, the reward may not be given.
Thank you.

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