March 27th (UTC) Routine Maintenance and Update

Hello. This is BrownDust2.

Routine maintenance and update are scheduled for March 13th (UTC).
Please refer to the details below.

■ Maintenance Schedule: March 27th 11:50 pm – March 28th 2:30 am (2 hrs 40 mins) (UTC)
■ Effect: Game access unavailable
■ Details:

■ New Content and Feature Improvements Guide

1. Story Pack 12 'Black Feather' update
- Story Pack 12, 'BLACK FEATHER' will be updated.

- Story
Defeating the apostles of Cocytus, who attacked the flourishing city of Rotein, the group obtained the dark artifact "Black Feather" coveted by Cocytus.
Following the advice of Eclipse and Olstein, the group heads to the sacred land of "Arcadia" to destroy the "Black Feather".
However, the nun who can grant them entry into Arcadia is said to have ventured into the forest to chase after the massive outbreak of demons.

Orcs, controlled by a powerful unknown presence, attack humans. Alongside them, an extremely terrifying threat previously unseen in the forest emerges.
As the influence of the "Black Feather" grows stronger, facing the past fears, Justia's choices and Lathel's desperate decisions in the midst of crisis come into play.

- Story Pack 12 is unlocked by clearing Story Pack 11 'Fake Game'.

1-1. Story Pack 12 full voice-over support
- The main quest of Story Pack 12 supports full voice-over in Korean and Japanese.
- You can enjoy the new main story with the character's voice.

2. Season event 'OPERATION M.O.E' update
- The new season event 'OPERATION M.O.E' will be updated.
- 'OPERATION M.O.E' Season Event Period: After March 27th maintenance - Before April 10th maintenance (UTC)
- You can proceed with the 'OPERATION M.O.E' season event by touching the season event logo on the right side of the home menu.
- 'OPERATION M.O.E' season event consists of 'Event Story / Normal Battle / Challenge Battle / Fiend Hunter / Event Shop'.

Here's the information on when each content starts:
2024-03-26 17 12 26.png
- You can purchase various items at the event shop with event currency acquired from each content.

1) 'OPERATION M.O.E' event story information
- Story
Jayden was forcibly trying to create a gate to send Justia back to her original world.
However, at the end of depleted magic, an immense recoil of 'unable to feel M.O.E' comes and overwhelms him...!
Jayden weeps, Justia is at a loss. At that moment when various emotions intersect over Jayden, who is in a shock, the black shadow of the demon, Darkness Devourer, that dominates the underground of the school, looms over the school.
In order to drive out Darkness Devourer, a situation requiring Jayden's recovery at all costs arises.
In a desperate situation, Justia's party urgently launches an operation to help Jayden regain the M.O.E and vitality he has lost...

- All stories will be revealed from the first day of the Maid Impossible Season Event.
- Earn event currency and Dias each time you enjoy the story, and you must read the previous story to check on the next story.

2) 'OPERATION M.O.E' Event Battle Guide
- Event battles are divided into normal battles that anyone can easily challenge, and challenge battles that require growth and strategy.
- Upon entering the battle screen, you can check the recommended combat power for each stage, your current account's combat power, challenge objectives, and rewards for completing objectives.
- Use the buttons at the bottom of the battle entry menu to check monster information or enter the battle.
- Clearing each stage and achieving challenge objectives per battle rewards a certain amount of event currency.
- Entering a battle requires AP. Free AP is charged every day at 9 AM (KST), and you can purchase additional premium AP with diamonds in the event shop.
- Winning a battle reduces AP by 1 and grants rewards. If you lose or give up, AP is not consumed.
- If you complete all challenges in a battle on a specific stage, you can use the quick battle function in that stage, and during a quick battle, you will immediately receive the reward for that battle. 
- In won battle stages, you can proceed with repeat battles, gaining rewards with each victory.

3) Fiend Hunter Guide
- [Rerun] Darkness Devourer hunting preparation period will open.
- Darkness Devourer will appear with the Fire attribute (Previous: Darkness attribute).
- Find a new strategy for Darkness Devourer, whose attribute has been changed and conditional skills have been added.
- You can enter by touching 'Fiend Hunter' at the bottom of the UI of the season event main screen.
- Fiend Hunter Hunting Preparation Period: After March 27th maintenance - Before April 3rd maintenance (UTC)
- Fiend Hunter Hunting Period: After April 3rd maintenance - April 9th, 2:59 PM (UTC)

[Rerun] Darkness Devourer (Fire)
I messed up the test. I had a fight with my friend. My mom hates me. What am I living for...?
A bizarre monster born from the worries, despair, and dark thoughts of teenagers.
It was not originally a monster capable of harming humans, but due to the influence of the magical power storm, it was reborn into a gigantic and horrifying form.
No matter how many times it is defeated, it revives by sucking out the students' dark emotions with its huge mouth.
There is no way to fight against it other than constantly defeating it and tying it underground until the magic storm stops.

4) 'OPERATION M.O.E' Event Store Information
- You can purchase various items at the event shop with event currency (M.O.E Collection Card) acquired from each content.
- Key items available in the event shop include the following:
2024-03-26 17 14 10.png

* In addition to the above products, various items necessary for growth will be sold.

- Paid AP sold at the event store will be reset when the season event ends. Please use all remaining AP before it is reset.
- The event store will be open for 7 days after the 'OPERATION M.O.E' season event ends, and items can be purchased using the remaining M.O.E Collection Card.

* The store for the currently ongoing School Crisis season event will also remain open for 7 days after the event ends.
You can receive rewards using your remaining Lucky Cherry Blossom Leaf during this period.

5) My Room Furniture Update Notice
- The rest of the Mania Room furniture set will be updated.
- The furniture for the Mania Room Set will be sold at the School Crisis event store and the next season's event store.
The types of furniture sold at each event store are as follows.

2024-03-26 17 19 57.png

*Furniture sold at the season event store can be purchased with Dias at the My Room store after the season event ends.

마이룸 오타쿠 방.png

6) Season Event Bonus Costume
- The costumes that can receive participation bonuses in seasonal events will be changed as follows.
- If you possess the event costume designated for each season event, you can obtain additional event currency at a certain rate from the [Normal Battle / Challenge Battle / Field Quest] content of the season event.
- The costumes that can receive bonuses in the season event that runs from March 27 to April 10 are as follows.
2024-03-26 17 14 59.png

- If you own multiple event costumes, the amount of additional event currency acquired is added together.

3. Other improvements and changes
1) Some characters' potential is unlocked.

March 27th Potential applied characters
Scheherazade / Olstein / Alec / Rafina / Ventana / Zenith / Nartas / Wiggle / Ingrid / Cynthia
* The potential of every costume for each character is unlocked.

2) Season Pass Mission Change Notice
- As previously announced regarding the Mirror Wars, the 'Daily Login' mission in the School Crisis season pass missions will be changed again to the 'Battle in the Mirror Wars' mission.

■ New Pickup

- Game Club Rafina Costume and Rafina's Exclusive Gear, E.P.G will appear in the pickup.

1) Game Club Rafina Costume: After March 27th maintenance - Before April 10th maintenance (UTC)

2024-03-26 17 15 24.png
※ The above information may change upon update.
※ For more detailed abilities and information, please check the in-game collection menu.
※ Game Club Rafina Costume will be added to the Powder of Hope Shop and Selective Draw after April 10th maintenance (UTC).

2) E.P.G: After March 27th maintenance - Before April 10th maintenance (UTC)

2024-03-26 17 15 35.png
※ The above information is based on the ability value of UR E.P.G at the time of initial acquisition.
※ For more detailed stats and information, please check the collection menu in the game.

- The Magic School Professor Scheherazade Costume and Scheherazade's Exclusive Gear, Plentithoum will appear in the pickup.

1) The Magic School Professor Scheherazade Costume: After April 3rd maintenance - Before April 17th maintenance (UTC)
2) Plentithoum: After April 3rd maintenance - Before April 17th maintenance (UTC)
※ The Magic School Professor Scheherazade Costume will be added to the Powder of Hope Shop after April 24th maintenance (UTC).

■ Schedule for Costume and Exclusive Gear Additions
- Costumes and Exclusive Gears will be added according to the schedule below.

2024-03-26 17 15 54.png
2024-03-26 17 16 27.png

■ Issue Fixation
- An issue where the SP reduction potential is not applied when Granhildr uses a preemptive skill will be fixed.
- An issue where the free charging AP does not automatically recharge intermittently at 9 AM (KST) will be fixed.
- An issue in Fiend Hunter where the battle is intermittently forced to close after forming a team with 4 or fewer teammates will be fixed.
- An issue where the Daily Mission Accomplished count of the Weekly Mission is applied only once when receiving a reward through the Get All button in a Daily Mission has been fixed.
- The name of the village will be displayed properly in the Story Pack 11 reputation pop-up.
- An issue where the attack target of the Howl Enchanter monster is displayed incorrectly on the 65th floor of the Devil's Tower of Desire has been fixed.
- The village name and quest name will be displayed properly in the Story Pack 11 Today Quest list.
- In the Mirror War repeat battle settings, the default number of battle-auto-skip functions will be changed to 1.
- When turning on/off the use of only free Blood Cocktails in the Mirror War repeat battle settings, the number of battles will be displayed correctly.
- When the Medical Club Teresse costume attacks, the movement motion will be displayed properly.
- An issue where the Mania Room filter is exposed as a Cinema filter in the My Room filter will be fixed.

Thank you.


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