Measures to be taken regarding February 1st issues

Hello, this is Brown Dust 2.

First of all, we apologize for any inconvenience caused by the issue that occurred after the update on February 1.

We will inform you of the measures to be taken for the confirmed issues previously announced in the Known Issue notice.

1. An issue where the app force closes immediately in a Windows environment.

A new build has been released that fixes the cause of app force termination in certain environments.

Although it may be inconvenient, please run the Brown Dust 2 launcher file and update to the latest version of the app (1.50.7) before using it.

2. An issue where the mission count does not increase even if the mission conditions of the Idol Fantasm Pass are met

The cause of the problem has been confirmed and the fixation has been completed.
If you relaunch the game and perform the same mission again, the mission count will increase normally.

We would like to send you the compensation below to your mailbox in case the mission was completed using some items at the time of the problem, but the mission count did not increase.

Please receive the reward and proceed again with any missions you have not yet completed.

[Idol Fantasm Pass Error Compensation]
■ Compensation Period: February 1st after this notice is posted - February 2nd 12:00 am (UTC)
■ Compensation details: 1 Draw Ticket, 10 Cooked Rice, 10 Blood Cocktails (Given once when accessing the game)

We will strive to provide a more stable service environment.

Thank you.


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