New iOS Version (1.35.8) Update Notice (iOS)

A new iOS Version (1.35.8) which fixed some known issues is available from the Apple App Store.

[Applied Changes]
- An issue in which only one item is displayed in the list of acquired items on the left after using the talent skill [Steal] has been fixed.
- An issue in which the Newbie Pass banner is not displayed if there are no rewards to receive on the Newbie Pass has been fixed.
- Changed the product name of B-Rank Idol Eleaneer and B-Rank Idol Helena in the Powder of Hope shop
* The character's name is displayed on the pop-up screen after clicking the costume.


If you are experiencing the issue mentioned above, please update the App to version 1.35.8 from the Apple AppStore.

※ Required download for the app update is quite sizable, so we recommend downloading the update using WiFi.

We will do our best to provide a stable gaming service.

Thank you.


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