New iOS Version (1.36.12) Update Notice (iOS)

A new iOS Version (1.36.12) which fixed some known issues is available from the Apple App Store.

[Applied Changes]
1. An issue where Gold and Slime results from the Hunting Request shows the total amount including the amount currently owned.
> The issue in which app crashes when attempting to use the extra amount of Gold or Slime has been fixed.
2. An issue in which the voice of some characters do not ouput has been fixed.
3. An issue in which app crashes when entering the Summer Knight Pack has been fixed.
4. An issue in which if you move the pack with a specific step, you could enter the hunting ground during the hunting request has been fixed.

If you are experiencing the issue mentioned above, please update the App to version 1.36.12 from the Apple App Store for your convenience.

※ Required download for the app update is quite sizable, so we recommend downloading the update using WiFi.

We will do our best to provide a stable gaming service.

Thank you.


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