New iOS Version (1.37.12) Update Notice (iOS)

A new iOS Version (1.37.12) which fixed some known issues is available from the Apple App Store.

[Applied Changes]

1. An issue in which when replaying Mirror Wars, the battle results are displayed differently in some situations has been fixed.
※ Due to the effect of the issue in number 2, only the battle results were exposed differently during replay.
※ Please note that the results reflected in actual play of Mirror War were the proper results.

2. An issue in which the character's stats are displayed differently from the actual stats in the Mirror War replay has been fixed.

3. An issue in which double speed is applied to actions such as character movement after getting out during Mirror War replay has been fixed.

4. An issue where the gear and stats pop-up that was checked during the Mirror War battle remains until the next battle begins has been fixed.

5. An issue where the newbie pass count would increase at the same time when the Sylvia Pass count was increased has been fixed.

6. An issue where the mail is not removed immediately after obtaining a product from the Product Mailbox has been fixed.

7. An issue where the allies' collection buff was applied to the enemies in the Mirror Wars replay has been fixed.

8. An issue in which the information of [SR-rank Primulan] is additionally exposed when another reward information is selected after checking the information of [SR-rank Primulan] in the reward list of the Sylvia Pass has been fixed.

9. An issue where the rank of obtained gear and the background effect do not match during the Draw has been fixed.

If you are experiencing the issues mentioned above, please update the App to version 1.37.12 from the Apple App Store for your convenience.

We will do our best to provide a stable gaming service.

Thank you.


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