New Version (1.56.8) Update Notice (iOS)

Hello, this is BrownDust2.

A new Version (1.56.8) which fixed the known issue is available (iOS)

[Application details]
- Fixed an issue where the game was forced to close when using the automatic skill function during battle with a formation that included temporary companion.
- Fixed an issue where the app was forced to close after a selection pop-up window was displayed when connecting to a PC client.
- Fixed an issue where [Field Quest] in the season event cannot be progressed.
* After restarting the game, the [Field Quest] icon will be displayed in the season event. (AOS/iOS/PC)
* If the [Field Quest] icon is not displayed, please restart the game again.

Please use the app after updating to build 1.56.8 in the Apple App Store for your convenience.

We will strive to provide a stable gaming experience.

thank you


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