Notice on retrieval of acquired items from summer limited special pack events

Hello. This is BrownDust2.

For accounts that acquired items by accessing the summer limited event special pack 'SUMMER KNIGHT' in which its play period has ended, we plan to take actions to retrieve items according to the schedule below.

■ Retrieval details and schedule
- Pool Party Justia Costume Retrieval: During January 3rd maintenance (15 target accounts’ costumes retrieved)
- Other acquired items (Diamonds, Draw Tickets, etc.): During January 2024

※ When the Retrieval is in progress, separate instructions will be sent to the accounts via in-game Mailbox.
※ For accounts that currently have less items than the amount recovered at the time of item retrieval, automatic retrieval measures will be taken when the same items are acquired in the future until the difference becomes 0.

(Example: In an account that requires 100 Diamonds to be recovered, if only 50 diamonds are retrieved at the time of retrieval, the Diamond holding amount will be displayed as 0 until all 50 diamonds, which is the difference, are retrieved.)

The summer event pack is content that is only available for a limited period of time, and we have decided to retrieve items acquired outside of the event period.

For items other than costumes, it takes time to check the details and develop an automatic retrieval system, so we ask for your understanding in not being able to clearly inform you of the time of retrieval.

We will pay more attention to prevent the same problem from occurring.
Please note that if an issue arises where items are acquired through an abnormal route, the entire items will be retrieved in the same manner.

Thank you.


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