Notice on the Recipients of the 100th Day Merch (Edited)

To commemorate the 100th Day, we will be delivering BrownDust2 Merch to express our gratitude to those who have enjoyed the various contents of BrownDust2. Here is the information on the recipients of the gifts.

Based on the records from the official service start date on Thursday, June 22nd to Monday, September 18th, we have selected those who will receive the merch as follows.

Please refer to the details below for further details.

[Merch Components]

BrownDust2 Merch package

- Justia Acrylic Mood Light
- Scheherazade Long Mouse Pad
- Character Key Cap
- Rou & Liatris Acrylic Figures
- Justia Chiffon Curtain
- Glutti Mini Doll
- Rou & Schera Magnetic Clip
- Justia and Schera Postcards


[Merch gift recipients]

The recipients were selected based on the criteria below, targeting all users playing in all regions of BrownDust2.

- Mirror War TOP 5

![Mirror war top5 (2).png](

※ The highest 5 people were selected by adding up the points of all 6 seasons, including the experience season.

- TOP 5 Number of Draws

![no of draw 5.png](

- TOP 5 number of Gear Crafts

![no of gear 5.png](

- TOP 5 Achievement Level

![no of gear 5.png](

※ The player, “*o******2” was selected as TOP 3 but since the player got into the Mirror War TOP 5, he or she was excluded and until TOP 6 was selected.
We have activated the Merch Winner Delivery Application menu, so

**please go to [Home] > [ETC] > [Merch Winner Delivery Application] menu at the bottom, and apply for merch delivery.**

!! The Merch Winner Delivery Application menu will be displayed until 2:59 p.m. on Monday, October 9, 2023 (UTC).

We would like to deliver merch to everyone who plays Brown Dust 2, but we are unable to do so because they are produced in limited quantities. We ask for your understanding.

In addition to the currently ongoing merch event, we would like to provide another opportunity to deliver merch through future events, so we ask for your continuous support.

Thank you.

* Edited on Sept. 25th (Covered nickname)


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