Powder of Hope Shop Items Notice

Our long awaited second story.
High-end 2D graphic RPG, BrownDust2.

Here is a guide on the Powder of Hope Shop Items, which are to be maintained for 2 weeks with the pick-up event.

■ Schedule
July 6, 2023 3:00 am (UTC) - Before July 20th maintenance (UTC)

* Powder of Hope is a mileage currency in which accumulated draw points are converted on a 1:1 basis when the pickup event is over.
* In addition to the end of the pick-up, you can exchange the Powder of Hope immediately using the draw points.

■ Product Information

![희망의 가루 표.png](https://www.browndust2.com/uploads/_d7db0c3e93.png)

* Sales products will be replaced with new products every two weeks.
* Draw points are accumulated 1 per draw, including free/paid draws.
All draw points accumulated for each pickup can be exchanged for Powder of Hope.

Thank you.


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