Quick guide – Idol Fantasm Challenges 18-20

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Here's a quick guide on some suggested solutions for the last 3 levels of Idol Fantasm. As always, the last 3 levels scale up a lot in difficulty, but this time around the battles are relatively straightforward with less pushing tactics and defensive skills required.

To clear using the methods below, I used:

  1. All units at Lv 100 with UR III or IV offensive gear (max crit damage).
  2. AOTU.Diana +5
  3. PP.Angelica +4 and F.Angelica +2.
  4. WB.Yuri +0 and CI.Yuri +3.

Level 18

I was able to use WB.Yuri +0 boosted by H.Lathel +3 and Diana +5 to clear all but one of the enemies. If you have a high level WB.Yuri, you could probably sub Lathel for Angelica and clear everything in one turn.

Celia did minimal damage, but was used only to stack chains and lessen the impact of the surviving enemy's attack.

Level 19

Layla can push the bottom left to maximize PP.Angelica's AOE.

If you don't have enough damage, you can also use triple buffers for PP.Angelica with CI.Yuri to clear all but the bottom left one. Alternatively, WB.Yuri + SW.Ventana also works.

Level 20

Clear the backrow units with PP.Angelica + CI Yuri. Alternatively, F.Angelica (left) + WB.Yuri (right) also works.

NB.Eclipse is essential for charging your SP and also draining the enemy's SP. Using Eclipse will cause the enemy to normal attack on the turn after activating energy guard.

On your second turn 2, use WB.Yuri to clear the energy guard and your secondary Angelica costume for some extra damage. The boss will only do a normal attack after this turn, which is easy to tank.

On your third turn, set up Arines to be sacrificed, but make sure you refresh her buff skill first. It may be possible to avoid sacrificing if you have a high enough costume level AD.Diana, but I didn't try.

Fourth turn GG. Remember to activate NB.Eclipse first for the 15% M.RES reduction.

Alternative solutions welcome!