Real-time monitoring system notice

We would like to inform you about the real-time detection system that detects abnormal behaviors such as unauthorized programs, hacks, and mods related to BrownDust2.

BrownDust 2 provides a real-time monitoring system on unauthorized programs, hacks, and mods.

However, there is an issue where some normal behavior is detected as abnormal behavior, causing inconvenience to users.

In this regard, we want to reduce inconvenience to users who play without abnormal behavior by adjusting the level of monitoring.
We are trying to improve accuracy by quickly supplementing the shortcomings of the real-time monitoring system.

However, all records for acts that undermine the healthy gameplay environment by exploiting unauthorized programs, hacks, and mods are stored as said in the prior notice.
Even if abnormal players are not detected by the real-time monitoring system, we intend to quickly sanction them through manual review by the dev team.

In the process, the majority of users who play the game normally may have some inconveniences.
We will supplement the real-time monitoring system as soon as possible to minimize inconvenience.

Also, we will prepare a compensation plan for any inconvenience related to it through a separate notice.

We will continue to make efforts to provide a healthy game environment for users who enjoy BrownDust2.

Thank you.


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