Reward Retrieval System Development Progress Notice

Hello, this is BrownDust2.

I would like to provide an update on the progress of the development of the retrieval system, as previously mentioned in the announcement. Here is a summary of the current status.

■ Pick-up Event Mission Reward Retrieval

As a result of further checking regarding the abnormal acquisition of rewards through the current pickup event mission, it was confirmed that rewards were abnormally obtained from a total of 5 types of pickup event missions, including B-Rank Idol Seir.

First, data verification has been completed regarding one specific pickup event mission.
Based on this data, we are also checking the remaining four types of pickup event missions.
Please understand that it may take some time.

■ Summer limited event special pack 'Summer Knight' reward retrieval

We are also simultaneously checking data for cases where quest rewards were obtained abnormally from the summer limited event special pack 'Summer Knight'.

Even if there is a slight delay in the application of product retrieval, we will check the integrity of the data and carefully review and apply it to ensure that the product can be recovered accurately, so we ask for the understanding of all users.

In this regard, we would like to briefly explain the retrieval system currently being developed.

When applying a collection system, we are developing a method in which retrieval is carried out in real time by calculating the quantity of items in possession that needs to be recovered.
If there are items to be retrieved first, they will be deducted from the goods you have when you log into the game.
If there are insufficient items to collect, the 'Retrieval Agent NPC' icon will be displayed at the top.
When you acquire items while playing the game, the goods are deducted in real time.

Once all goods to be retrieved have been deducted, the 'Retrieval Agent NPC' will no longer be exposed.

* The above image was taken in a development environment and may vary when actually applied.

To avoid the inconvenience of having your items retrieved multiple times, we are preparing to collect them all at once by applying a retrieval system.

We will notify you again through a separate notice when the retrieval system is applicable, and we ask for your patience.

Thank you.


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