We’re on a journey to become the number one destination of premium video game content.

DotGG’s mission statement is to change the world for the better, valuing people above everything else – the creators that make it all happen with us, and our audience who support them. Together, we are always striving to produce the highest quality content that provides real value and constantly searching for ways to improve.

As a fresh, young startup company that is quickly changing every day, we are all excited to continue on this journey and take pride in the opportunity we have to make a long lasting impact. We’d love for you to join us if you’re willing to take on new challenges and immerse yourself in a world of intelligent, forward thinking and also, fun humans.

We don’t have a fancy career page yet, but we still look forward to receiving your application. 

Current Job Openings

We are currently looking for dedicated writers to cover all aspects of gaming. If you are passionate and have a high understanding of the games that you wish to pass onto our readers, please read the below job description for more details.


We are looking for writers that will be growing and managing their own game section. Your editorial duties will include writing that latest news, guides and wiki entries for your preferred game and engaging with the community.


  • Have strong command of the English language and be able to express your thoughts in a concise, coherent, and engaging manner.
  • Be available via Discord.
  • Have strong proficiency and passionate about gaming.
  • Be able to post regularly and be able to update content as required.
  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Having experience and knowledge of the technical side of websites would be an advantage.
  • Have a sample of your work, ideally in the related topic.


  • This is a paid position on all content created by the applicant that will be explained and discussed in the later stages of the recruitment process.
  • Everything is up for negotiation, and every circumstance will be different and tailored to the individuals involved.


Please submit your interest using our Contact form or e-mail us directly at for further enquiries. There is no strict format for applying, but it would be appreciated if you could attach your resume and any examples of your work with the submission. We look forward to hearing from you!


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