Free & Shop Units

Free Units These units are available for free by playing the game. Cash Shop Units The below units can be obtained from the Cash Shop

Eversoul Codes

Coupon Codes and How to Redeem

To redeem promotional codes in Eversoul and receive free rewards, go to Settings > Account > Coupon Code in-game or go to the Kakao Games redemption website: and input the required information: Code Region Reward EVERSOULOUTNOW NA/EU 5 Normal…

Eversoul Reroll Guide

Re-roll Guide

Eversoul provides unlimited free re-rolls at the start of the game. However, these free re-rolls do NOT include Angel or Demon types. Angel and Demon types are more rare, and provide unique benefits to team type bonuses. To ascend your…

Team Building 101: Types and Battle Formations

In Eversoul, you can have 5 units on a team. There are many ways to build teams to make the most powerful compositions possible. This guide covers the most important aspects to focus on when drafting your team: Types and…

Eversoul Official Launch

Eversoul Introduction

Eversoul is the latest gacha idle role playing game from Kakao Games, releasing globally on January 5, 2023 at 2 AM UTC. It is released with no beta and no previous knowledge about the game other than from media press…