Eileen Eversoul

Eileen Character Review

Eileen, the flirty and catty Guild Master of Troyca’s Spade, emerges as the first hypercarry unit of the Q4 2023 Eversoul roadmap. With a stealthy entrance and a penchant for mischief, she brings a unique blend of agility and strategy…

Evil Soul Subjugation - Apostle of War: Adrianne

Apostle of War: Adrianne Boss Guide

Apostle of War: Adrianne presents a formidable challenge as an Evil Soul Subjugation boss. To successfully defeat her and claim victory, consider the following strategies. Guide Adrianne cannot be stunned using conventional crowd control skills, unlike other Evil Soul Subjugation…

Eternal Sun Yuria

Yuria Character Review

The introduction of Yuria, the main female protagonist of the game, as a playable character, 9 months after the game’s launch, is akin to an Angel descending from the Heavens. That is not too far from the truth as Yuria…