Genshin Impact Spiral Abyss Floor 11 Guide for 3.0

Genshin Impact’s Spiral Abyss is an endgame content for endgame players that resets every two weeks. Version 3.0 introduced the home of Dendro, Sumeru, along with a brand new map to explore – naturally, these new areas come with new enemies, too. Hence, it’s only nigh time that the addition of Sumeru and the challenges it could offer spark things up at the Spiral Abyss.

This cycle welcomed in the Dendro element and the elemental reactions tied to it, as well as the enemies and bosses that came from the region of Sumeru. If you’re having a rough time clearing the latter Floor 11 in this rotation, fret not, because this guide aims to give you general tips and strategies into getting those 36 stars (and primogems!).

Blessing of the Abyssal Moon: Reviving Moon

For this phase’s Blessing of the Abyssal Moon, Quicken is your way to go. By definition, this is the reaction triggered between Dendro and Hydro, but ultimately does no damage and is basically just a status rendered on enemies. Under the Quicken status when triggered by your character, the DEF of the enemies hit will decrease by 35% for 10 seconds.

However, you don’t necessarily have to follow the Abyssal Moon Spire in order to clear the Spiral Abyss. Most of the time it only acts like a little help from the sides, but everything still comes from the power of your characters and knowledge on team comps and rotations.

Spiral Abyss Floor 11

Moving on, Floor 11 of this phase and its Ley Line Disorder gives all characters of your party an additional 75% Dendro DMG Bonus. Obviously, this floor encourages you to use a Dendro unit, but since there are only 3 playable Dendro characters at the moment (Tighnari, Collei, Traveler), it’s no surprise that most players still flock to their usual teams due to having them still unbuilt. 

But if you do, that’s great news! If anything, these Dendro units won’t ever be acting as your main DPS, but instead as a Dendro applicator that will trigger elemental reactions from time to time, and it’s bound to be a fun run.

Floor 11 Chamber 1

Chamber 1 of Floor 11 is a Protect the Monolith challenge and has no timer, so you need not to worry because as long as the Domain Monolith’s HP doesn’t go below 60%, you can still three stars it with ease.

The first half contains Eremites and Treasure Hoarders, and these enemies come in three waves as mobs. It is highly advisable to bring an Anemo unit (Kazuha, Venti, Sucrose) with crowd control abilities before anything else. This way, you’ll be able to group them in one piece and interrupt their incoming attacks for a short while.

Once you have them grouped together, use this chance to land as much DPS as you can. Fortunately, they aren’t too beefy so this shouldn’t be a problem at all. Just be careful where you drag the enemies out when doing crowd control, and make sure to keep them away from the Monolith to avoid any more damage towards it once they get up.

Moreover, the second half happens to be a lot easier. Just a bunch of Mitachurls where the shielded one will come towards your character, and the two axed ones on the Monolith. Assuming you still have at least 80% of your Monolith’s HP, they won’t be causing heavy damage so the most efficient way to get around it is to just defeat them straight on.

An Electrochurl will come forth then afterwards, and this bad boy’s attention is just on you, and never on the Monolith. In this case, better head towards a corner far from the Monolith and do the DPS as you finish it off.

For a more detailed guide on Eremites and its kind, you can navigate over here.

Floor 11 Chamber 2

Chamber 2 of Floor 11 presents the usual timed challenge. The first half contains Hydro Mimics of the Oceanid boss (and they can be quite annoying), and it comes in three waves.

The most efficient way to get around it is to bring a Cryo unit because then, these little creatures are bound to be Frozen for a short while. During its Frozen state, here is where you can land as much DPS as you can. Take note that the Hydro Mimics can be heavy-hitting and they come in groups, so if you’re unable to freeze them, just bring a shielder and/or healer before they ambush you any further.

Hydro Mimics are able to summon Finches, which happen to be flying around so might as well bring a ranged unit to be able to hit them. Otherwise, just make sure that you land AoE attacks because they can be quite vulnerable around it, too.

Which goes on to say that if you have Ganyu, she is your best choice in this round. But if you’re not into Freeze teams and would rather Vaporize (which is also very great), Yoimiya is the other best option if you have her.

Moreover, the second half only contains two geovishaps. As it stands, there are two general tips that should make this relatively easier for you.

Either you’re going to attack them from one side, then push them together before your main DPS finishes the job for you – or, if you still have enough time left, you can have your character stand still in one place, then both of the geovishaps will be landing towards your direction. From there, you can go wild with the DPS and you’re done before you even know it.

Floor 11 Chamber 3

Chamber 3 of Floor 11 presents the usual timed challenge. Although unlike the previous one, this Chamber only allows you 3 minutes time to achieve the remaining three stars.

The first half contains the Fatui and Eremites (again), and it comes in two waves. One way of getting around this as quickly as possible is to go on one side and push the Eremites together, and since the Fatui Agent should be following your character anyway, now is the chance to land your DPS and make sure that your AoE abilities reach them.

The same strategy goes for the second wave, but perhaps it would be best to bear in mind that it’s most efficient to defeat the Fatui Pyroslinger first before it summons a shield – which frankly can take some time before it wears off unless there’s a Hydro unit present in your team.

Moreover, the second half contains an Electro Regisvine. For a more detailed guide on this newly released boss from Sumeru, you can navigate over here.

Defeating the Electro Regisvine can be quite easy – you just have to wait for it to throw some seeds your way, and then you can extinguish these using Cryo, Pyro, or Dendro elements. Eventually the core located at the roots will expose itself, which you can go after as you land melee attacks against it.

Alternatively, there are certain movements where the Electro Regisvine will drop its head for a short while, and there’s a core located in its head as well which you can attack. This helps reduce the HP of the core, and once you’ve extinguished it, the creature will enter a vulnerable state. From there, you can go wild as you land your main DPS, and it’s also highly likely that you’ll be able to oneshot it.

Next thing you know is that you’ve gained 9 stars (hooray!) and all the while ready to dominate the more extreme Floor 12 of the Spiral Abyss.


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