Limbus Company

Reroll Guide

Please note that rerolling an account on the Steam client is not possible as there isn’t a Guest Account option. 

Rerolls will have to be done on either a mobile phone or emulator, we suggest rerolling on an emulator for a smoother experience.

How to Reroll

After launching the game, select the Guest Account option.

If this is your first time launching the game, there will be an in-game patch that has to be downloaded (Download will only happen the first time the game is launched.) 

Once the download ends, click the SKIP button at the top right corner.

Doing so will skip the entire tutorial. However, we recommend playing through the tutorial at least once due to the complexity of the combat system.

After skipping the tutorial, you will be redirected to the main menu.

Claim your pre-register rewards and roadmap gifts in your mail. As of writing this there should be a total of 52 pulls after rerolling.

Head over to the Extract window found (Found at the bottom right corner).

Currently, there are currently 3 available banners on launch.

  • Limited (Target Extraction: Gregor)
  • Standard Extraction (Standard banner)
  • Welcome Extraction (Newbie banner: limited to 20 pulls)

When pulling on any banner there is a chance to pull either an ID (character) or an EGO (Skills).

After obtaining an EGO on a banner, you can no longer obtain a duplicate of that EGO on any banner.


  • Welcome Extraction: x20
  • Limited or Standard: x30 or x32

If you are satisfied with your current account, remember to link your account to via Gmail or Apple.

If you wish to reroll again, scroll down the account tab to find the Close Account button. 

Clicking the Close Account button resets your account and takes you back to the login screen.

Reroll Targets

Since Limbus Company was only released a few days ago, we are currently still in the middle of testing team compositions.

Nevertheless, these are currently what we believe are standout units:


Tingtang Gangleader - Hong Lu

  • 3rd skill targets another enemy on kill
  • Good as a standalone character, can be used in a Bleed team
  • High Growth/damage scaling 

G Corp Manager Corporal - Gregor:

  • Hard hitting skill 3 (Scales with Rupture)
  • Good as a standalone character, can be used in a Rupture team
  • Healing is good for long fights
  • High Growth/damage scaling

R Corp. 4th Pack Rabbit - Heathcliff:

  • Can often out DPS other ID’s 
  • Really good in short fights
  • Good as a standalone character
  • Limited by ammunition (Clashes will still happen but no damage will be dealt)
  • High Growth/damage scaling


Lobo Corp - Faust

  • Skill 2 is Gloom, makes her a good fit in a lot of teams

LCCB - Ishmael

  • Great Tremor and Rupture support.
  • Blunt damage makes her really valuable in chapter 3
  • Limited by ammunition (Clashes will still happen but no damage will be dealt)


Lantern Gregor

Ardor Blossom Star Ishmael

Ya Śūnyatā Tad Rūpam Outis

Pursuance - Meursault (NOTE: Currently, hard to use since it doesn’t synergize very well with current Meursault IDs. However, Meursault's new ID (Großhammer) may change this.)