MultiVersus Wonder Woman Starter Guide

Wonder Woman is a Tank character with focus on Horizontal attacks. She can support herself and her teammates by giving Armor and Block Projectiles, make a Platform, and pull her ally out of danger with her Lasso. She succeeds at trading hits with her opponent, but struggles if they can break her armor with fast attacks or multi-hit attacks.

Wonder Woman Match-up Chart

Wonder Woman can block projectiles effectively, but can get punished easily by attacks that can hurt her after her Grounded Side B’s end lag such as:

  • Jerry’s Quarkshot
  • Bugs’s Side Grounded Side Attack
  • Lebron’s Ground and Aerial Neutral Special

All these moves can quickly shutdown Wonder Woman’s projectile shield, which is why she will have a hard time against these characters. The other factor are her range, as besides her lasso, which has a cooldown, her range can be very limited. Bugs and Tom & Jerry can take advantage of this, with constant pressure of projectiles.

She excels at getting rid of set-up, as well as dispelling debuffs. Characters that rely on debuffs to kill, such as Harley or Batman, who are set up characters, have a hard time fighting Wonder Woman, as she can use Down Special to cleanse her debuffs and grant her armor, or use Grounded Side Special to destroy objects the enemy places, such as Harley’s Down Special.

Best Perks for Wonder Woman

  • Attack – Percussive Power Punch / Wildcat Brawler / Lumpy Space Punch

For Attack Perks, Percussive Power Punch can help Wonder Woman kill with Lasso, Aerial Side Special, or Neutral Grounded Attack. Wildcat Brawler helps her ground combos do more damage, so they can have higher percent when knocked into the air, then with Lumpy Space Punch, can have her do more damage within her combo string.

  • Defense – Kryptonian Skin / School Me Once… / Absorb ‘N Go

For Defense Perks, Wonder Woman is a Tank class, and in addition of her armored moves, Kryptonian Skin reducing damage makes her more tanky. School Me Once can make some of her worst match-ups feel a bit more even, and can make getting in better for her, as her range requires her to do so. Finally, Absorb ‘N Go, can help you if you are being too pressured by projectile characters by giving your Armor and Lasso back sooner.

  • Utility – Coffeezilla / Last Stand / Triple Jump

For Utility Perks, Coffeezilla provides faster recharge on your cooldowns, which helps with getting Armor and Lasso back quicker. Since you can live longer than most due to Wonder Woman’s defensive abilities, you can get the damage boost from Last Stand for longer then some other characters, and can help secure earlier kills and higher damaging combo strings. Lastly, Triple Jump is nice as it lets you go higher for your Aerial Up Normal Spike, and can help give more options at ledge if you want to armor or lasso to try to ward the enemy away before recovering.

  • Best Signature Perk – Whip of Hephaestus

Whip of Hephaestus can help get kills without being in danger of some characters, and can let you get ranged kills on characters that can apply pressure from afar, like Lebron JamesTom & JerryBugs Bunny, and Velma. It adds a tipper effect(Stronger if you hit at the tip of the attack, in this case the whip) to the whip, and can secure kills from afar and can kill earlier then some of your other moves. It is similar to Tom’s Fishing Rod.

If your struggling with approaching characters with constant projectile pressure, then you should take Shield of Athena instead, as it can give a projectile shield when you neutral dodge a projectile, helping Wonder Woman close the gap and get the enemy’s face.

Placement in the Tier List

Wonder Woman is a solid character with good damage negation and supports her teammates and herself well, however, doesn’t have a lot of range, and has to work harder than other characters to string hits together and secure kills, which is why she is at A Tier. For teams, she can help her teammate even more, with her ability to give her teammate Armor with 5 different moves (Her Lasso, Down Special, Aerial Up Special, Grounded Side Special, and Grounded Down Attack). With her armor, she has very high survivability, as well as has better then average weight, so opponents can have a hard time ringing you out.

Tips and Tricks

  • Her lasso can be a good kill move if you can predict where they are going to go. If you have Whip of Hephaestus equipped, the end has a sweet spot, which can quickly end people that are about 120% or higher
  • If you do not have Whip of Hephaestus, lasso can be used as a combo tool, as it brings people in. You can do this with the perk equipped but it is much harder
  • Normal Up-Air has a spike hitbox on her foot, which can lead to some earlier kills or situations where you can spike them mid-stage, but is hard to hit
  • Normal Grounded Down-Attack can be used to trade hits with multiple characters that like be in your face, like Finn and Taz. Using this move to tank a hit leads to some combos, like Normal Grounded Forward-Attack. It has a small hit box if used instantly though, so make sure to use to to react, instead of engage
  • Using Aerial Up-Special can be used as a mix-up\delay tool to mix up your landings. It pushes you up into the air, so you can stall your landing, and make your movements less predictable
  • Aerial Side Special can be a good move to kill with at about 130% towards the sides on the stage. Can also be angled upward and downward to hit unsuspecting people

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