🎁 Fall Festival Celebration Surprise Gift Event! 🎁


Hello, Regulars!
This is <Tower of God: New World> CM, Xia Xia!



It's been about a week since the Update!

Are you enjoying the Fall Festival event?? 👀


To celebrate the Fall Festival event,

Xia Xia has prepared a surprise 🎁 gift to help our Regulars enjoy the game even more~~~!! 😆💖 Yay~!


In this surprise gift event, you can receive rewards every day for 6 days!!! 👀🎁💖


Get push rewards and play the game starting tomorrow!! 🐰💛

Check below for more details!



🎁 Fall Festival Celebration Surprise Gift Event! 🎁


🐰 Event Schedule 🐰



Southeast Asia






Time Zone





Event Period

9/28 - 10/3

Push Notification Time





Reward Claiming Period

Within 24h From the Push Notification

* Push notifications are sent in waves, so the exact time may differ from Regular to Regular.


🐰 Event Details 🐰

Check the push notification, log into the game and check your mail to receive special rewards!!


🐰 Event Rewards 🐰



Day 1

Normal Summon Ticket x10

Day 2

Gift Selection Chest x10

Day 3

Loot Coin Amplification (24H) x5

Day 4

Suspendium x1,000

Day 5

Normal Summon Ticket x10

Day 6

SSR Soulstone x60


🐰 Notes 🐰

- Event schedule and rewards are subject to change. If anything changes, we will update our Regulars through a separate notice.

- Rewards are sent to the "Notices" tab in the Mailbox, and once claimed, you can check or use the items through your Bag.

- It is not possible to provide any further assistance in the event the reward was not claimed within the claim period previously specified.



Receive various rewards and enjoy the game~!!

See you in the next content! 🐰💛







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