👻 D-2 Until the Next Update!! 👻


Hello, Regulars!
This is <Tower of God: New World> CM, Xia Xia! 🐰💖



How are you doing~? 👀💖


Every time I post a CM note, I read each single comment our Regulars leave! 💛


After releasing the [October Event Calendar], Xia Xia 🐰 is still working hard

to show our Regulars bits of the Update contents!


So, I will share with you a sneak peek of the 10/18 Update!


* The image is a screen under development and may differ from the actual screen.




Following the Fall Festival background, a new background will be released! 💜

You can get various rewards in Endorsi and the October Illusion Story Event! 👻

And... Guess who will be the new teammate!!!! 👀👀


We are also planning a community event using the new background, so stay tuned! >_< 💖


See you in the next content! 🐰💛






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