📺 <Tower of God: New World> 1st Developer’s LIVE Summary 📺


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The Developer’s LIVE was held in Korea on 12/28/2023!


I brought a translated summary to help more Regulars enjoy the content of the Developer's LIVE!! 👀✨


Once the localization of the video is complete, we will share the replay video through this notice, so stay tuned!

* In the future, the Official Live will be aired in Korea first, and once the broadcast ends, we will provide a summary of the broadcast after the localization work is complete!


Well then, let’s go see the first Developer’s LIVE summary together, shall we?



🐰 <Tower of God: New World> 1st Developer’s LIVE Summary!! 🐰


● Tower of God: New World 2023 Recap


Our first encounter was on July 26th, 2023, and since then many Story Events, Teammates, and contents have been added through updates.


Looking back on 2023, there are 2 major points we want to reflect on: [Update Frequency], and [Lack of Communication].


Q. The interval between Updates is too long

After an update, we received comments saying that there was nothing to do in the game, that there wasn’t enough content to keep our Regulars entertained for 2 weeks. It seemed like we were not able to provide enough content for our Regulars to enjoy throughout this period.


We will maintain the 2-week update cycle, but we will arrange the campaigns and Mission Events in a way that will provide enough entertainment for our Regulars.


Q. Lack of Communication

After listening to our Regular’s input, we did our best to share information in advance. However, despite our efforts, our suggestion feedback and response speed was still lacking.


We will keep carefully reviewing the suggestions submitted by our Regulars’ through our [Suggestions] Board, and will try to meet up our Regulars’ expectations by adding as many suggestions as possible.



● Feedback on the Suggestion Board


Q1. Tri-Essence Facility Suggestions

There are no plans to open the 3rd page of the Tri-Essence Facility in the short term, but even if the 3rd page is added in the future, the current unlock conditions will not apply.


We are aware that a lot of materials are needed to set the desired stat, so we will make sure that the item supply is enough by having various material sources.


Q2. Interval Between the Patch Notice and Patch Schedule

We are trying to carry out patches in a way that doesn't require temporarily shutting down the game  as much as possible.

However, we would like you to know that we are working hard to quickly resolve any issues that occur and apply the patch properly to prevent any loss to our Regulars.


In the future, we will notify you more quickly if there is a patch or maintenance that requires game closure.


Q3. Game Crashing Issues

If the memory required while playing the game exceeds your device's available memory, the game may be forcefully shut down to protect your device.

We continuously monitor the frequency and cases of this issue and carry out optimization with each Update.


Also, we are preparing the Multi-deck saving function that can save the battle status so that you can continue playing when you reconnect to the game when the game forcefully closes during play.




Q. Adding VIP System

  1. We are carefully considering the application of this system, since each Regular playing the game may have different opinions.


However, we will prepare an explanation in detail on how to ensure that our Regulars who give support and love for our game feel that they are being treated well.


Q. Regular Opening of the Khun Khun Arcade

At first, We were worried about the ‘Climb the Tower’ minigame. However, since many Regulars enjoyed it, we are planning to develop and provide various minigames on a regular basis.


We will also make improvements to the difficulty level after the 1,000th floor of the ‘Climb the Tower’ minigame, which many Regulars said was difficult.


Q. Difficulty in Activating the Ignition Weapon (Requirement: Enhancing Exclusive Equipment to +20)

  1. We will continue to make improvements to ensure a smooth supply of Enhancement Extracts needed to enhance Exclusive Equipment.



Q4. About Check-in Event Rewards

It came to our attention that the rewards from ‘Regulars Welcome Accumulation Check-in’, that can be obtained just by accessing the game everyday, have failed to meet our Regulars’ expectations.


Despite also having the Countdown Check-ins before certain Events, to ensure our Regulars’ satisfaction with the ‘Regulars Welcome Accumulation Check-in’ rewards, the possibility of general improvements is currently being reviewed.


Also, if we change the ‘Regulars Welcome Accumulation Check-in’ while it is in progress, there may be Regulars who will not be able to collect the upgraded rewards based on the amount of days left in their regular check-in - so we are preparing to make the changes once everyone receives the regular rewards, so that the upgraded rewards can be claimed later on.


Q5. Origin Orb

As of now, there are no plans of adding a second page to Origin Orb any time soon.

However, if any updates are made to the Origin Orb later on, we will do so taking into consideration a reasonable application.


Q6. About UI Inconveniences

We will expand the Stamina recharge button area in the Story Event screen, and will make improvements so that there is no need to enter the Story Event screen to see the current Stamina and access it through the Lobby screen.


We are doing our best to deliver these improvements as quickly as possible.


Q7. About Balance

Balance adjustments of Teammates after their release requires caution, and is generally avoided.

However, if any problems that affect the enjoyment of the game are found, we will adjust the balance.


Teammates are being re-evaluated due to the addition of Ignition Weapons, and we would like to provide a space for our Regulars to share strategies and exchange information.


Q8. About Releasing Original Webtoon Characters

In 2024, we will introduce a wider variety of the original webtoon characters, to bring more of the original feeling of the webtoon into the game.




Q. Increase the number of Friends allowed

  1. We are currently considering various options, including adding Alliance Members to the Friends List by default, and other ideas. An official answer should be coming soon!


Q9. Add an Ignition Weapon Preset Function

An Ignition Weapon Auto Equip function and a Preset function per set are currently under review.

We are also working on highlighting whether it is a Set of 2 or Set of 4 effect through the link color at the bottom.




Q. Alliance Expedition Boss Variety

  1. Various bosses are currently being prepared, and we will be able to share more details about them as soon as they are ready.


Q. Add Higher Tiers of Normal Equipment

  1. There are currently no plans to add higher tiers to normal equipment.


Q10. Restraint Information Improvements

We are currently reviewing various options including long pressing the Restraint icon to display information, or to automatically scroll to the related description section when touching the icon in the Secret Floor.


Q11. Adding a Function to View Previous Stages

A replay function is currently being prepared to allow visualizing decks used to clear stages starting from a certain point. We aim to complete it around mid-February.


Q12. Inquiries on New Story Mode Updates

Story Mode Act 7 is scheduled to be released on 1/18/2024.


Q13. About the Arena

Regular Arena resets follow the concept of a seasonal system, but the score is actually maintained to a certain extent. We also received suggestions to add a League based on Shinsu Link Level, and matching will also be made more rationally.


In Ranker Arena, even if the season resets, the Rank from the previous season is maintained.


As a result, you will continue to compete against the same Regulars, and there are difficulties to play the content for the 1st place container. We will make improvements to the Ranking and Instruction Manual rewards around mid-February to prevent financial losses.


Q14. Alliance Content

The Tower of Alliances Event has been introduced in the 01/03/2024 Update.

Check out the [01/03 In-game Events] notice!


Alliance Missions will occasionally be linked to mini-games, and making them a regular content is not under consideration as of this moment. New game modes to play with your Alliance Members are being prepared, and will be added in 2024.


Q15. Multi-deck Saving Function

We agree that during multi-deck stages, not being able to save the round you won is an inconvenience. Taking that into consideration, we are currently preparing improvements.


The multi-deck saving function is being developed so that if the event the game forcefully closes, it saves the battle that is in progress. It will be possible to continue from where you were once you open the game again.We aim to complete this sometime around mid-February.


Q16. Costume Suggestions

We will take a more reasonable approach depending on the type of Costume.

When it comes to granting Stats, they might have to be offered through purchases, so to make up for it, we will introduce a wider variety, with much cooler costumes in the future.




Q. Add Chat Emojis

  1. We will add the SD images produced to the Chat Emotes as soon as possible.


Q. Add a Limit Break Transfer Function

  1. It is difficult to provide a function to transfer a Teammate’s Limit Break. We are thinking of a method to make that happen, maybe by resetting the amount of Enhancement Extract used to grow a Teammate.


Q17. About the Element Training Event

Improvements will be made by not demanding Suspendium to refresh the opponent,

avoiding as much as possible strong opponents, or by applying heavy debuffs when matched with a strong opponent.


We’ll also adjust the Event Exchange Shop, to add the Teammates our Regulars want to have available for exchange.



Future Updates Direction


● Event Configuration

Events will be designed to provide key rewards based on effort, and product purchase will be an option to speed up the process.


● Stage Configuration

Improvements are constantly being made to reduce the dependence on ACC and EVA Stats.

We will focus on having character and Ignition Weapon combinations lead the fun and guide the combat strategies.


● Story and Game Mode

In 2024, various of the original webtoon’s Teammates are set to be released, and the Story Mode will be updated.

Additionally, a new game mode will be added to enhance our Regulars experience with the game!




Q. New Teammate Tutorial

  1. That type of content was considered as one time only, fast consumption content, so we ended up deciding to discontinue it and focus on other directions to provide enjoyable content.



This was the summary of the LIVE, what do our Regulars think? Do you like it?


We’ll keep doing our best to provide an enjoyable game environment for our Regulars.!


Thank you.🐰💖





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