01/18 Update Maintenance


Greetings, Regulars!

This is the Tower of God: New World team.



An update maintenance will take place on 01/18.


Please note that the game will be inaccessible during this time.


Check below for more details.



◆ 01/18 Update Maintenance


✅ Maintenance Schedule



Southeast Asia






Time Zone





Starting Time

01/18 08:50

01/18 00:50

01/17 18:50

01/17 15:50

Ending Time

01/18 12:00

01/18 04:00

01/17 22:00

01/17 19:00

* The maintenance schedule may be subject to change.

* The expiration time for compensations, rewards, and bundles doesn’t stop running during maintenance, so please make sure to claim or use the items before the maintenance begins.


✅ Update Maintenance Compensation

Suspendium x1,000

Vote Ticket x10

- Vote Tickets are required to vote in the [Ultimate Popularity Contest] Event.

[Ron Mei] Hot Deal Summon Ticket x10

* [Ron Mei] Hot Deal Summon Tickets can be used through the [Hot Deal Summon] button on the left side of the main Lobby.

* The compensation will be available through the "Notices" tab in the Mailbox. You must log into the game within 24 hours after the maintenance completion to be able to receive the compensation.

* The compensation will be deleted from the mailbox after that period. Please make sure to claim them before they expire.


✅ How to Update

- Google (Android): Open Google Play Store > Search for Tower of God: New World > Proceed with manual update.

- Apple (iOS) Open the App Store > Tower of God: New World > Proceed with manual update.

* If the update button is not available, try scrolling down to refresh the page and proceed.


✅ Marketplace Shortcuts

[Google Play Store (AOS)]

[Apple App Store]

* Tap the links above to be redirected to the respective pages.


✅ Update Summary

- New Teammate SSR+ [Data] Urek Mazino

- New Teammate SSR [Mad Dog's Angel] Ron Mei

- New Story Mode Act  7 ‘Eye of a Needle’

- New Adventure Floors ‘46F - 50F’

- New Underground Laboratory Boss & Expansion

- Research Lab Max Lv. Expansion

- 2 New Sets of Ignition Weapons (Doris / Raihanna)

- New Event: ‘Half-Year Anniversary Check-In’

- New Event: ‘Half-Year Anniversary Daily Festival’

- New Summon: ‘Ron Mei Hot Deal Summon’

- New Event: ‘Ron Mei's Growth Mission’

- New Event: ‘Ultimate Popularity Contest’

* Before the actual contest begins, an event to guess which Teammates will make it to the TOP3 (1st - 3rd Places) will take place! For more details on the event, check our [Forum].

- New Event: ‘Loot Bonus Time’

- New Mission: ‘Get more rewards the more Suspendium you spend!’

- New Products

- Fixes & Improvements

 ● Adjusts the numerical ranges of the enemies’ ACC, EVA, and Swiftness in the following contents to lower the difficulty: Adventure Stages 21F - 45F, Trial Area, The Secret Floor, Guardian’s Test, Conquest Mode, Alliance Expedition, and Tower of Alliances.

 ● Regulars Welcome Accumulation Check-in Rewards Updated

* Recurring Regulars who are currently claiming the Accumulation Check-in rewards will be able to receive the newly updated rewards one day after they finish claiming all 28 Days rewards from the current Check-in.

 ● Underground Laboratory Rankings & Max DMG History Display Changes

 ● Ignition Weapon UI Improvements

   └ An option to select enhancement materials first when enhancing Ignition Weapons has been added.

   └ Improvements were made to make easier to check the Carrier activation status and the Fusion button.

 ● The Secret Floor Improvements

   └ Changes the default Auto Clear count to 1

  └ Improvements were made so that all rewards can be claimed at once upon completing Restraint Quests by touching the activated rewards.

   └ It will be easier to select and see Restraint effect descriptions.

 ● Alliance Chat Improvements

   └ An [Alliance Chat] menu was added to move to the chat window to talk to your Alliance Members when entering the Alliance.

 ● Improves the [Shop > Special] tab UI

 ● Other Improvements

   └ A button to filter Teammates by Combat Power was added to the combat preparation screen

 ● Other bug fixes and changes


✅ Notes

- In order to prevent data loss, make sure to completely exit the game before the maintenance starts.

- The game will forcefully shutdown once the maintenance begins, and game access will be unavailable during the maintenance.

- The maintenance schedule may be subject to change. We will update this notice if any changes are made.

- In order to properly apply the updated content, please update the game through the official Store for your OS.

- It may take some time to reflect the Update contents properly after downloading the data.



We will keep doing our best to provide a better gaming experience in the future.


Thank you.





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