07/26 Update Maintenance (Updated on 7/25)



Greetings, Regulars!
This is the Tower of God: New World team.


Early access, that has started on 7/21 (Fri), will be ending soon.
Maintenance will be carried out to prepare for the official service opening.


Please note that the game will be inaccessible during that time.

Check below for more details.



◆ 07/26 Update Maintenance


✅ Maintenance Schedule

Region Asia
Southeast Asia
Europe America

Time Zone





Starting Time

7/26 10:00

7/26 02:00

7/25 20:00

7/25 17:00

Ending Time

7/26 12:00

7/26 04:00

7/25 22:00

7/25 19:00

* The maintenance schedule may be subject to change.
* The expiration time for compensations, rewards, and bundles doesn’t stop running during maintenance, so please make sure to claim or use the items before the maintenance begins.


✅ Update Details
- Grand Launch server open operation
- Delete UR resources with in the game
* Resources that remained in the build during the development process, will deleted through maintenance. These resources will be shown as SSR+ characters. 

- The difficulty of adventure stages 4-36 has been adjusted so that beginners can  climb the Tower with less difficulty. (Added on 7/25)
* Replacing previously arranged enemies (Amigocharz → Changsoo Yeon /Hansung Yu → Levin)


✅ Update Maintenance Compensation
- 300 Suspendium
* If you log into the game within 24 hours after the maintenance is complete, the reward will be sent to your mailbox.
* Maintenance Compensation will be distributed directly to the mailbox. Please make sure to claim them before they expire.
* Maintenance rewards will be rewarded to accounts only created during the Philippines Early Access period.


✅ Notes
- The game will forcefully shut down once the maintenance begins, and game access will be unavailable during the maintenance.
- The maintenance schedule may be extended, shortened, or delayed depending on development and market conditions.
- In order to prevent data loss, make sure to completely exit the game before the maintenance starts.
- After the maintenance is complete, reconnect the game, and download the game data to start playing.
- Even during maintenance, the time for mailbox rewards and packages will be counted, so please receive or use them before maintenance.



We will keep doing our best to provide a better gaming experience in the future.


Thank you.


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