08/03 Server Patch Notice (Completed as of 23:03 UTC+9) (Updated on 08/17)

Greetings, Regulars!

This is the Tower of God: New World team.


A server patch will be released on 08/03 23:00 - 08/03 23:10 (UTC+9) to fix certain issues found in the game.


The patch will be applied once you restart the game after its release.


Check below for more details.



◆ 08/03 Server Patch Notice


✅ Patch Schedule



Southeast Asia






Time Zone





Starting Time

8/3 23:00

8/3 15:00

8/3 09:00

8/3 06:00

Ending Time

8/3 23:10

8/3 15:10

8/3 09:10

8/3 06:10

* The patch schedule may be subject to change.


✅ Patch Details

Fixes the issue of [Red Rose] Ha Yuri Exclusive Equipment Skill Lv 2 effect was applied lower than the indicated amount 

- In the quest below in Story Mode Act 5, the limit on the number of allies participating in battle has been changed from 1 to no limit.

    · Evankhell's Deep-Sea Fish Quest

    · [Clues From the Past 1] Quest

    · [Test Results] Quest

    · [The Occasional Oddity] Quest

    · [Game of Princesses] Quest   

- Adjusted the order of new events in the ‘Events’ tab on the left side of the main lobby so that they are aligned at the top

- Fixed the issue where the [Quick Battle] button was intermittently exposed in Mock Battle Facility and Adventure Mode.
* We will provide further guidance for the Regulars whose number of mock battle has been deducted due to conducting the quick battle.

[Mock Battle Facility Reward Chest 2] and [Loot Coin Amplification(8H)] items will be distributed as compensation to the Regulars who were unable to play normally due to the [Quick Battle] button being exposed in the Mock Battle Facility. 

(Reward Distribution Date: 8/17 14:00 (UTC+9))  (Rewards Distributed)

* Regulars can obtain A~E Equipment Rewards in the [Mock Battle Facility Reward Chest 2]

* Rewards can be claimed through [Mail > Notices], and can be used in [Bag].

(Added on 08/17)

- [Knight] Cheonhwa Hong correction of translation errors per % missing HP in passive skills (1% → 10%)  

* We apologize for the translation error. Regulars who wish to reset [Knight] Cheonhwa Hong Growth, apply an [1:1 Inquiry] through customer service.

- Additional reinforcement of Korean descriptions for content in the upper left guide and upper right probability of three-color essence

· [Additional Description] The 3 types of stats in the slot are given as different types of stats and do not overlap.

* It took time to update the translations, so we first applied the Korean explanation, and in the case of other languages, we plan to apply the explanation sequentially.

* We apologize for the lack of content details for the Tri-Essence Facility. Regulars who wish to reset Tri-Essence Facility Content, apply an [1:1 Inquiry] through customer service.


✅ Notes

* The game may restart once the patch is complete.

* In order to prevent data loss, make sure to completely exit the game before the patch begins.

* The patch data will be downloaded and applied once you restart the game after the patch’s release.


We will keep doing our best to provide a better gaming experience in the future.


Thank you.





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