08/14 Response Measures for Exploiting Friend Support Bug


Greetings, Regulars!
This is the Tower of God: New World team.


First, we apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced with the Friend Support Bug.


We have reviewed the logs of the Regulars who abused the friend support system.
Due to the large amount of logs, it took some time to verify,
We apologize for the delay in notifying you of our response measures.


Regulars who exploited the bug below when using the Friend Support System and Multi-Deck will be fixed at the end of the update maintenance on 8/16(Wed), along with the bug fix,

If abnormal play is confirmed as a result of the investigation, we will determine whether if it was exploited, then we will take the following sanctions.


1. Cases of battles occurring with duplicates of your own teammates in the multi-deck.

2. Cases of battles could be played with a friend's supported teammate and the same teammate you have in a multi-deck.

3. Case of being able to use the same friend's companion more than the number of abled times.

4. When challenging the second round of an adventure, removing the supported teammate from the deck in the first round that was already won does not deduct the number of friend support.


Tower of God: New World aims to create a fair and healthy gaming environment.

Any accounts that interfere with the experience of the game or normal operation will be restricted from the game.



✅ Response Schedule
- The measures will be applied after the 8/16 (Wed) Update Maintenance.
* We will advise you on the further sanctions after the Update maintenance on 8/16(Wed)


✅ Target
- Regulars who were confirmed to have abused the Friend Support System.


✅ Response
1. The cleared Adventure Stage will be reduced based on the number of stages cleared by abusing the Friend Support System.
* Stage clear rewards will not be awarded for re-clearing a stage after the Adventure Stage drop adjustment.


2. Depending on the severity of the exploitation of the friend support system and multi-deck Teammate placement bug 

You may be banned from the game for up to 30 days.



If you encounter any behavior that violates the Operation Policy while playing the game, report it through our Community or reach out to our Customer Center.
We’ll keep working hard to provide a better game experience for our Regulars.


Thank you.



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