08/30 Patch Notice (Completed as of 21:37 UTC+9)


Greetings, Regulars!

This is the Tower of God: New World team.


A patch will be released on 08/30 to fix certain issues found in the game.


The game will remain accessible during the patch, and the patch will be applied once you restart the game after its release.



Through the 08/30 Update, the excess damage that was inflicted momentarily when the Underground Laboratory Boss Tier changed was modified to longer be counted as part of the Accumulated DMG.

[08/30 Update Details]


However, the issue was fixed so that there was no discrepancy in the DMG inflicted by our Regulars who played the Underground Laboratory before and after the update.


To apologize for the inconvenience caused, a patch will be released to lower the criteria for the Master I Rank in the current Underground Laboratory Season Ranking so that any Regulars who have played the Underground Laboratory, as well as the 1st - 10th Regulars will receive the Master I Ranking Reward.

* Regulars ranked 1st to 10th place will receive rewards based on their current ranking.


For future Underground Laboratory seasons, the DMG criteria will be the same for all Regulars to ensure a fair ranked competition. In addition to the fixes to the ranking criteria, this patch will also set the actual rank DMG for the next Master I ranking to 3 million points in the next Season, and the DMG will also be normalized based on the ranking starting from the next Season.


We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

We will keep doing our best to provide a better gaming experience in the future.


Check below for more details.



◆ 08/30 Patch Notice (Completed)


✅ Patch Schedule



Southeast Asia






Time Zone





Starting Time

8/30 21:30

8/30 13:30

8/30 07:30

8/30 04:30

Ending Time

8/30 21:40

8/30 13:40

8/30 07:40

8/30 04:40

* The patch schedule may be subject to change.


✅ Patch Details

- Lowers the ranking criteria for Master I and below in the ongoing Underground Laboratory Season Ranking.

- Fixes the issue where the red dot icon does not disappear in the Lobby > Story Mode icon.


✅ Notes

- The patch data will be downloaded and applied once you restart the game after the patch’s release.



We will keep doing our best to provide a better gaming experience in the future.


Thank you.




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