10/25 100-Day Celebration Update Maintenance (Completed as of 11:00)


Greetings, Regulars!

This is the Tower of God: New World team.



The 10/25 Update maintenance has been completed!

Reconnect to the game, and download the game data to start playing.


Thank you for waiting!


For more details on the Update, check the links below:

▶ 10/25 100-Day Celebration Update Details



100 days have gone by since our first meeting with our Regulars!


So...! To celebrate 🎉, we prepared a surprise Update!

Thank you so much for enjoying the game! We really appreciate our Regular's love and support!


We’ll bring more details on the upcoming 11/01 Update, future improvements, and more with a new Dev. Note soon!


The 100-Day Celebration Update maintenance will take place on 10/25, and once the maintenance is complete we will share the 🎁100-Day Celebration Coupon🎁. Don’t miss it!


Please note that the game will be inaccessible during this time.


Check below for more details.



◆ 10/25 Update Maintenance


✅ Maintenance Schedule



Southeast Asia






Time Zone





Starting Time

10/25 08:50

10/25 00:50

 10/24 18:50

10/24 15:50

Ending Time

 10/25 11:00

10/25 03:00 

 10/24 21:00

10/24 18:00 

* The maintenance schedule may be subject to change.

* The expiration time for compensations, rewards, and bundles doesn’t stop running during maintenance, so please make sure to claim or use the items before the maintenance begins.


✅ Update Summary

- New Event: 100-Day Push Notification (Added on 10/25)

- New Event: 100-Day Celebration Check-in

- New Event: 100-Day Celebration Daily Mission Additional Rewards

- New Event: 100-Day Celebration Agency Service Center Bonus Time

- New 100-Day Celebration Products


✅ Update Maintenance Compensation

- Suspendium x1,000

* The compensation will be available through the "Notices" tab in the Mailbox. You must log into the game within 24 hours after the maintenance completion to be able to receive the compensation.

* The compensation will be deleted from the mailbox after that period. Please make sure to claim them before they expire.


✅ Notes

- In order to prevent data loss, make sure to completely exit the game before the maintenance starts.

- The game will forcefully shutdown once the maintenance begins, and game access will be unavailable during the maintenance.

- After the maintenance is complete, reconnect the game, and download the game data to start playing.



We will keep doing our best to provide a better gaming experience in the future.


Thank you.





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