5/22 Update Details


Greetings, Regulars!

This is the Tower of God: New World team.


SSR+ [Ancient Monster] Ha Jinsung makes his appearance!

A wide variety of events, including a murder story unfolding on the Express Train and New Teammate Trial are currently underway!


Check below for more details.



5/22 Update Details  ◆

* Please note that the images used in the update notice are screenshots taken from the test build, so they may differ from the actual content upon the update.  



◆ [Ancient Monster] Ha Jinsung ◆


    (Grade: SSR+ / Element: Red / Role: Assassin)

- A new Teammate SSR+ [Ancient Monster] Ha Jinsung has been added to Summon, Black Market, Codex, Soulstone, Archive, and Gem.

- [Ancient Monster] Ha Jinsung can be obtained through the Summon Teammates / Black Market / SSR+ Soulstones.



Check out [Ancient Monster] Ha Jinsung Introduction Video

* The video was produced based on the test conditions and is subject to change by the time of the update.


◆ [Ancient Monster] Ha Jinsung’s Skill Info ◆

Skill Type (Name)



[Special Move]

Dragon Tiger Gate: Extreme Floral Butterfly Technique

Jinsung creates a shinsu gap that blocks the enemy’s Energy Recovery for 5s and decreases their Physical Resistance by 40%


Afterwards, he casts a powerful Floral Butterfly Piercing Technique containing the shinsu of a dragon and tiger on each arm and deals 1,600% of ATK as DMG and Stuns for 3s.


When the shinsu of dragon and tiger explodes, Knocks back nearby enemies except the target.


Jinsung becomes Invincible while using this skill.



Demonic Storm

Jinsung deals 800% of his ATK as DMG to the enemy, Stuns them and decreases their Energy by 200 for 3s



Reverse Flow Control

Jinsung slams down the ground hard with his foot to cast Reverse Flow Control on enemies near him.


He deals 300% of his ATK as DMG to enemies hit by this skill and Stops their movement for 4s. Afterwards, he uses shinsu to enhance his body, decreasing DMG taken by 40% for 8s.


Jinsung becomes immune to status effects while using the skill.



Iron Defense


At the start of the battle, Jinsung casts Iron Defense and gathers Shinsu while Concealed and increases his ATK by 100% for 5s.


Afterwards, he quickly dashes towards the enemy with the highest ATK and deals 1,000% of his ATK as DMG.


When he assists in eliminating enemies, including summoned beasts, he recovers 400 Energy and reuses Iron Defense.


Additionally, when he has the ATK Increase buff, he ignores 30% of the EVA of the enemy he’s attacking.

* The skill descriptions have been written based on level 5. 


◆ New Costumes ◆
- Five new Costumes have been added.


✨ [Ancient Monster] Ha Jinsung ‘Secret Contact’
- The respective Costume is available for purchase by navigating to Shop > Special > Special Ha Jinsung Pack


✨ [Idol] Ha Yura ‘Shining Secret’
- The respective Costume can be purchased by navigating to Shop > Special > Special Ha Yura Pack.




[Child] EndorsiElegant Prelude
- The respective costume can be acquired by purchasing the Special Child Endorsi Pack by navigating to Shop > Special > Special Child Endorsi Pack.


✨ [Data] Zahard ‘Strange Dream’
- The respective Costume can be exchanged using currency items in the Event Exchange Shop under Event.


[Flame User] Yihwa Yeon ‘Evening Flower’
- The respective Costume can be exchanged using Race Points in the Bingo Ticket Consumption Race Exchange Shop under Event. 



◆ New Adventure Chapters ◆

- New Adventure Chapters (Fl.76 - Fl.80) have been added.


Fl.76 Outpost Entrance

Fl.77 Vast Forest

Fl.78 Workshop Testing Site





Fl.79 Old Town

Fl.80 Silver Corridor





◆ New Teammate Trial & Event Missions ◆

- Event Period : After the 5/22 maintenance - 6/5 08:49:59 (UTC+9)

- Details: Experience playing SSR+ [Ancient] Monster and clear missions to obtain special rewards.  


◆ Story Event - Murder on the Express Train - Reunion ◆

- Event Period : After the 5/22 maintenance - 6/5 08:49:59 (UTC+9)

- Details: A mysterious murder story that took place on the Express Train is unfolding. Check out the story in the Story Event.   


Murder on the Express Train Check-in

- Event Period : After the 5/22 maintenance - 6/5 08:49:59 (UTC+9)

- Details: During the event period, log into the game to claim your check-in rewards.   


Ha Jinsung Boost Missions 

- Event Period: After the 5/22 update maintenance - 6/5 08:49:59 (UTC+9)

Details: Complete missions to earn rewards through Black Market Summons and by acquiring/growing SSR+ [Ancient Monster] Ha Jinsung! 


◆ Murder on the Express Train Event Missions ◆

- Event Period : After the 5/22 maintenance - 6/5 08:49:59 (UTC+9)

- Details: Complete the quests of the Story Event to earn rewards. 


◆ Murder on the Express Train Event Exchange Shop ◆

- Event Period: After the 5/22 maintenance  - 6/5 08:49:59 (UTC+9)

- Details: Exchange the event-exclusive items obtained in the Story Event for other items.




◆ Loot Bonus Time ◆

- Event Period :  5/24 09:00 (UTC+9) - 5/31 08:59:59 (UTC+9)

* No additional maintenance will be conducted prior to the respective event going live on 5/24 at 09:00 (UTC+9).

- Details: The accumulation amount of Loot will double during the event period. 


◆ Ren Event Boss Battle ◆

- Event Period : 5/29 09:00 (UTC+9) - 6/5 08:49:59 (UTC+9)

* No additional maintenance will be conducted prior to the respective event going live on 5/24 at 09:00 (UTC+9). You can only participate in the event during the specified period.

- Details: Upon clearing “Murder on the Express Train”, the [Punisher] Ren appears as the boss of the Story Event.  


◆ Bingo Ticket Consumption Race ◆

- Event Period : 5/29 09:00 (UTC+9) - 6/5 08:49:59 (UTC+9)

* No additional maintenance will be conducted prior to the respective event going live on 5/24 at 09:00 (UTC+9). 

- Details: During the event period, rankings will be determined based on the usage quantity of Bingo Tickets / Special Bingo Tickets, and rewards can be received accordingly.

Refer to the notice [5/22 In-game Events] for more information.

[Check out the 5/22 In-game Events]



◆ Yellowy's Bingo Time! ◆

- Event Period : 5/29 09:00 (UTC+9)- 6/5 08:49:59 (UTC+9)
* No additional maintenance will be conducted prior to the respective event going live on 5/24 at 09:00 (UTC+9).

- Details: Obtain rewards by playing Bingo. 


● Where to Obtain Bingo Tickets



How to Obtain

Bingo Ticket

Event Exchange Shop

Exchange for Lipsticks

 in the Event Exchange Shop


(Except for the Quick Loot)

Obtain 1 every 1 hour from Loot.

Daily Missions

When you reach a cumulative total of 100 points in Daily Missions, you will obtain 10 Bingo Tickets from Achievement Reward.

Special Bingo Ticket


Purchase Bingo products

Go to the 5/22 New Bundles

Event Exchange Shop

Exchange for Lollipop

 in the Event Exchange Shop


◆ New Products ◆

[Go to the 5/22 New Bundles]

 - Please refer to the [5/22 New Bundles] for more information on the products. 


◆ Improvements◆


1. Costume Exchange Tickets Replacement

- Recipients: All Regulars who possess Costume Exchange Tickets

- Details: For those who received duplicate Swimsuit Costumes during the 2023 Vacation Event and were given Costume Exchange Tickets, upon logging into the game after the 5/22 update maintenance, the Costume Exchange Tickets will be replaced with [Detective] Costume Selection Chests and they will be distributed to the Mailbox.

* If you own all Detective Costumes and use the [Detective] Costume Selection Chest item, you will receive a Costume Substitution Selection Chest.

(Content of Costume Substitution Selection Chest: Normal Summon Ticket x 60, Black Market Ticket x 36, Master Key x 60, Rare Shinsu Sea Whetstone x 12. You can select one of the components.)




Use the [Detective] Costume Selection Chest to select one of the following Costumes 

[Idol] Ha Yura ‘Shining Secret’ Costume

[Ancient Monster] Ha Jinsung ‘Secret Contact’ Costume

[Child] Endorsi ‘Elegant Prelude’ Costume


* After obtaining Costumes from [Detective] Costume Selection Chests, you cannot purchase products from the Shop that include Costumes that you already own. 


2. Mission & Reward Changes to Events for New Regulars

- Some missions and rewards for events held for new Regulars have been modified following the 5/22 update maintenance. For more details, please refer to the announcements below.

- Affected events: Regular Welcome Check-in Event / New Regular's First Mission Event / New Regular Growth Celebration Missions.


▶[Go to the 7/21 Ongoing Events]

▶[Go to the 3/27 In-game Events]


3.  Addition of SSR & SSR+ Tower's Blessing Break Stones

- SSR and SSR+ Tower's Blessing Break Stones have been added, which allow for Limit Breaking SSR / SSR+ Teammates.

*  Tower's Blessing Break Stones can also be used when Limit-Breaking collab Teammates.

*  Tower's Blessing Break Stones cannot be used on R / SR Teammates.  


● How to Use Tower's Blessing Break Stone

- You can attempt a Limit Break by using 60 of the respective Teammate’s Break Stones and 60 Tower's Blessing Break Stones of the same grade.

- In the event that you possess both Break Stones and Tower's Blessing Stones for the Teammate that you wish to Limit Break, Break Stones will be used first, regardless of whether you've selected the option to use Tower's Blessing Break Stones. 

- If you only possess Tower's Blessing Break Stones, you can select the [Use] option to utilize Tower's Blessing Break Stones for the Limit Break.


4. Addition of New Items to the Alliance Store

- Four additional Tri-Essence items have been added to the Control Center > Workshop Store > Alliance Store

* Tri-Essence items will be displayed in the Alliance Store upon clearing Adventure Stage 5-40.


5. Improvement in Automatic Delegation of Alliance Leader

- In certain situations where an Alliance Leader can be automatically delegated, an enhancement has been made for Alliance Members to be assigned the Alliance Leader position if they have accepted the delegation.

- You can change the "Accept Alliance Leader Delegation" status at the bottom of [Settings Screen] by navigating to [Settings] on the right side of the main lobby, and it is set to "On" by default.

* When the Alliance Leader is automatically delegated, members who do not wish to receive the delegation of Alliance Leader position should change it to Off. 


6. Improvement in Purchasing Products

- When purchasing products that are purchasable using Suspendium, you can now select the quantity to purchase.



7. Improvement to the Event Exchange Shop


● Event Currency Acquisition Display

- When event currency items can be obtained from Event Boss Battles, The Secret Floor content, etc., they will now be displayed at the forefront of the available rewards list. 


● Improvement to the Event Exchange Shop

- The quantity of items in possession will now be displayed when exchanging in the Event Exchange Shop.



8. Improvement to Guardian's Test

- The "Quick Results" feature has been added to Guardian's Test content, allowing battles to be carried out more quickly.  


9. Other Improvements

- Conquest Pass Coins and Ignition Pass Coins that could be obtained from Conquest and the Secret Floors have been removed.

- The visibility of set Titles and Title Backgrounds has been improved for display on the Event Point Ranking screen.

- Enhancement graphics have been optimized for smoother display when attempting to Enhance in the Laboratory.

- The sorting criteria for event banners on the left side of the main lobby have been changed so that event banners that have not been activated due to not meeting the unlocking conditions are now placed at the bottom.


◆ Fixes ◆

- The issue where Status Effect Immunity was mistakenly applied to Summoned Beings summoned by [Data] Gustang has been fixed

- The issue where damages were not recorded as intended when a Teammate died after firing a projectile has been fixed.

* Affected Skill: [Red Mask] Hwaryun Active Skill (External Conflict)



That’s it from the <Tower of God: New World> team.

We’ll continue to do our best to provide our Regulars with an epic and adventurous gaming experience.


Thank you.







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