Advance Notice Regarding the Costume Exchange Ticket Item


Greetings, Regulars!

This is the Tower of God: New World team.


Here’s an advance notice regarding the Costume Exchange Ticket item.


Check below for more details.



◆ Advance Notice Regarding the Costume Exchange Ticket Item



After the 5/22 regular update maintenance


All Regulars who possess Costume Exchange Tickets

 until the 5/22 update maintenance


✅ Details
- Following the regular 5/22 update maintenance, every 100 points of  Costume Exchange Tickets that Regulars possess will be replaced with one [Detective] Costume Selection Chest and will be distributed via Mailbox.


✅ [Detective] Costume Selection Chest Distribution Date

- After the 5/22 regular update maintenance


✅ Rewards




[Detective] Costume Selection Chest


[A choice of one from the following three items will be available for acquisition] 

[Idol] Ha Yura ‘Shining Secret’ Costume

[Ancient Monster] Ha Jinsung ‘Secret Contact’ Costume

[Child] Endorsi ‘Elegant Prelude’ Costume


✅ Notes

- If you log in to the game after the maintenance, the [Detective] Costume Selection Chest reward will be sent to your Mailbox’s Notices tab.

- You can find the [Detective] Costume Selection Chest you claimed via the Mailbox in your Bag.

- Costume Exchange Tickets that you possess will be retrieved and in exchange, the [Detective] Costume Selection Chest will be provided. This will allow you to exchange it for one of the three Costumes.

- Every 100 points of the Costume Exchange Ticket will be replaced with 1 [Detective] Costume Selection Chest. It will be delivered to your Mailbox.

- If you already own all the Costumes available from the [Detective] Costume Selection Chest, using the [Detective] Costume Selection Chest item will grant you a different item instead.

- Please refer to the 5/22 Update Details notice for more details. 



That’s it from the <Tower of God: New World> team.

We’ll continue to do our best to provide our Regulars with an epic and adventurous gaming experience.


Thank you.






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