Amaranth Costume Lobby Verification Event Winners


Greetings, Regulars!

This is the Tower of God: New World team.


We would like to extend our gratitude for joining us in the [Amaranth Costume Lobby Verification] event.


Check out the event results below!



Amaranth Costume Lobby Verification Event Winners


✅ Winners

Go to the Amaranth Costume Lobby Verification Event Winners List


✅ Reward



Regulars who have registered their verification posts according to the event participation method and format


 Growth Resource Selection Chest (12H) x 10


[Use the chest to select

 one of the following items]

Loot Coin Amplification (12H) x 2

Loot Shinsu Amplification(12H) x 1

Loot EXP Amplification (12H) x 1


✅ Reward Distribution Schedule

- After 6/17


✅ Notes

- The reward distribution schedule is subject to change depending on circumstances.

- After verifying that your account matches your participation nickname, rewards will be provided to the character’s Mailbox.

- Rewards will be sent to the [Mailbox > Notices], and once claimed, you can check the items in your [Bag].

- Event rewards will be distributed sequentially after the reward distribution schedule announcement.

- Rewards will be stored for 7 days from the time of distribution, and unclaimed rewards that expire after this period will not be redistributed.



Prepare for an epic event with our next comeback.


Thank you.






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