Character Introduction: Donghae Hatz


New SSR Teammate [Donghae] Hatz appears! ๐Ÿ“ฃ

Introducing <Tower of God: New World> #Donghae Hatz


The powerful and unruly Ignition Weapon: Donghae.

His desire to walk alongside his Teammates instead of lagging behind them provides the spark necessary to ignite Donghae.


Meet [Donghae] Hatz in <Tower of God: New World>!



 ๐ŸŽฅ This video was produced in a test environment and is subject to change.

โœจ Teammate Introduction by the Developer! โœจ

- Utilizes a unified attack and defense skill that increases damage as defense increases!

  "Don't fall down!" A front-line tank focused on defense!

Skill Type (Name)

Skill Description


[Special Move]

Donghae, Ignition!

Hatz becomes immune to status effects, Ignites the Donghae to remove all debuffs and status effects from allies, and grants Status Effect Immunity for Ns.


Hatz then deals N% of his ATK as DMG to enemies in front of him and Stuns them for Ns.


Hatz deals N% of his DEF as DMG when landing attacks.



Sea of Flame

Hatz swings the Donghae to deal N% of his ATK as DMG to enemies in range, Locking them for Ns.


A burning Shinsu zone is created in the path of Donghae for Ns.


Enemies in the Shinsu zone take N% of Hatzโ€™s DEF every second.



Seven Strike Ghost Fish Wheel Dance: Ascending Dragon

Hatz deals N% of his ATK as DMG to an enemy N times.


Each attack jolts the enemy and decreases their DEF by N% for Ns. (Max: Nstacks)


In addition, Hatz increases his own DEF by the amount of enemy DEF decreased for Ns. (DEF gain limit per instance - N% of the casterโ€™s DEF)




Clear Mind

Hatz immediately removes status effects he is inflicted with and becomes immune to status effects for Ns. (Cooldown: Ns)


He then counters to deal N% of his DEF as DMG and Stuns the target for Ns.


Each time this effect activates, Hatz recovers N% of his HP and his DEF increases by N% (This buff cannot be removed with buff removal skills.)


In addition, Hatzโ€™s Effect Resistance is fixed at N, and his Effect Hit increases or decreases by N for every N Effect Resistance increase or decrease.

๐ŸŽฅ The screen and skills are under development and may be subject to change upon actual implementation.








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