Character Introduction: Kaiser


New SSR+ Teammate [Ruler] Kaiser appears! 
๐Ÿ“ฃ Introducing <Tower of God: New World> #Kaiser


The queen of the Name Hunt Station on the 39th floor ๐ŸŽญ๐Ÿ‘‘ and the Master of the Silver Wolf๐Ÿบ


Meet [Ruler] Kaiser in <Tower of God: New World>! 



 ๐ŸŽฅ This video was produced in a test environment and is subject to change.

โœจ Teammate Introduction by the Developer! โœจ

Kaiser's characteristic includes the multi-shot basic attack that increases in frequency the more you attack the enemy! "I'll pierce you with my needles." A rapid-fire ranged caster who demolishes the front line.

Skill Type (Name)

Skill Description


[Special Move]

Aiki: Fenryl

Kaiser deals N% of her ATK as DMG to the enemy with Reel Manipulation and Locks them for Ns. She then sends Fenryl to attack the enemy to deal N% of her ATK as additional DMG. 


A powerful spell has been cast on Fenrylโ€™s fangs and its attacks always result in Critical Hits and decrease the targetโ€™s Basic Attack Resistance by N%. (Max: N Stacks)



Tying Twenty Threads

Kaiser launches needles at the enemy to deal N% of her ATK as DMG N times.


Her Swiftness increases by N and basic attack Pierce by N% for Ns for every needle that lands.



Armor Inventory

Kaiser summons her Armor Inventory and creates a barrier for Ns that blocks enemy skills N times.


If there are enemies nearby, she shoves them back with her Armor Inventory to deal N% of her ATK as DMG and Knocks them Back for Ns.


Kaiser counters to deal N% of her ATK as DMG every time a skill barrier is broken, Stunning the target for Ns and decreasing their ATK by N% for Ns. 



Master of the 

Silver Wolf

Kaiser applies a Mark of the Wolf to an enemy hit by her attack. (Max N enemy).


Whenever she deals DMG to the target N times, Fenryl appears and deals N% of her ATK as DMG and makes them Bleed for Ns to deal N% of her ATK as DMG every second.


Fenryl then applies a Spirit of the Grey Wolf on Kaiser for Ns (Max: N Stacks, cannot be removed)


Kaiserโ€™s Physical Pierce increases by N% and her basic attacks produce N more projectile for every Spirit of the Grey Wolf stack.

๐ŸŽฅ The screen and skills are under development and may be subject to change upon actual implementation.










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