Character Introduction: Vivi


📣 <Tower of God: New World> Character Introduction: #Vivi

New SSR Teammate [Daughter Slayer] Vivi appears! 


Despite her cute appearance, she has a cruel personality and is nicknamed the "Daughter Slayer." She is a member of the Zahard Royal Enforcement Division No.13.


Meet [Daughter Slayer] Vivi in [Tower of God: New World]!




Skill Type (Name)




[Special Move]

   Ahaha, Ahahaha!

Driven by an uncontrollable urge, Vivi charges at the enemy to pummel them with her fan. She then returns to her starting position.


The pummeling attack deals N% of her ATK as DMG N times and jolts the target. The last attack deals N% of the target’s Max HP as additional DMG. (Additional DMG is limited to N% of Vivi’s ATK, or N% of her ATK if the target is a boss.)


Vivi gains Status Effect Immunity while using this skill.




At the start of battle, Vivi summons a close at her location, then Teleports behind an ally. (Max: N clone.) If there are no allies, she moves to the location where the enemy’s ATK is the lowest.


The clone dances for Ns, Provoking nearby enemies and dealing N% of Vivi’s ATK as DMG every second.


For each provoked enemy, Vivi’s ATK SPD (but not her clone’s) increases by N for Ns (Max: N stacks).


When Vivi is hit by a melee attack, Vivi’s skill cooldown time is reset. Once Vivi’s cooldown time is reset, it cannot be reset again for Ns.



This is Too Much Fun!

Vivi’s ATK SPD increases by N until the end of the battle, and her next basic attack is enhanced. (ATK SPD increase, MAX: N stacks)


The enhanced basic attack is guaranteed to result in a Critical Hit and blocks the enemy’s HP Recovery for Ns.


The HP Recovery Block cannot be removed.  



Every Ns, Vivi generates a twister which deals N% of her ATK as DMG to enemies in a straight line and Knocks them Back for Ns.


For each N ATK SPD, the twister interval decreases by N%, and ACC increases by N%.

🎥 The screen and skills are under development and may be subject to change upon actual implementation.







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